Panasonic Viera TX-LR42E30 TV test

Video equipment

Advantages: colors on the screen do not change when changing the viewing angle. Rich feature set.



Disadvantages: the flesh tones are a little too saturated in some places.

Panasonic Viera TX-LR42E30 TV

Full HD LCD TV with LED-backlighting, 42 inch diagonal


Component input, 2 USB inputs, 3 HDMI sockets, D-Sub computer socket, antenna socket, SCART, LAN.

One more USB slot, SD slot, CI, HDMI connector, composite connector directed to the side.


In 2011, Panasonic introduced a new series of LCD IPS LED TVs E30 with 200 Hz scanning and the latest functionality.

Features include Intelligent Frame Creation Pro technology for flawless playback of fast-moving scenes , Viera Connect for computer-free Internet connection, and other networking features.

You can also use a wide variety of multimedia – connect SD card up to 64 GB SDXC , USB device, camcorder, PC, receiver, DVD player, Blu-ray disc player, amplifier with speaker system, DVD recorder, VCR, network.

Deep Colour technology is a picture enhancement technology with HDMI version 1.4. Its wide color gradation exceeds the capabilities of conventional color reproduction systems. Viera supports the Deep Colour standard HDMI 1.4 , transmitting natural colors to maximize the beauty of images coming from high quality sources.

In turn, 100 Hz Motion Picture Pro technology is used for a more natural representation of motion. The number of frames is increased, making the picture smoother. And when playing back the video signal with a cinematic scan 24p Smooth Film feature helps create a smooth and natural picture.


The colors on Panasonic Viera TX-LR42E30 screen do not change when you change the viewing angle, we have IPS Alpha panel to thank for that. And black and white are richly rendered.

The TV showed great color margin when playing a 1080i signal through the component input. The resolution is 700-720 TV lines.

We should note the average reserve of brightness, rather good quality of black color shades display, and not bad detail of bright scenes.

Digital artifacts like combing on moving objects from the intended viewing distance is not noticeable, the movement is quite smooth.

Colors are natural enough, a little bit oversaturated in some places. You can use the 3-step temperature adjustment and raster background adjustment to adjust them.

When playing a 1080p signal through the HDMI connection, the colors are natural enough, but a little saturated in some places. The resolution was about 800 TV lines, with small details being slightly blurred while moving.

Digital artefacts such as combing while displaying motion can practically be removed by the available settings.

Large color margin, medium brightness margin.

White objects on a white background are displayed with a medium level of detail.

If desired, the viewer can use the preset picture modes. For example, when switching to a game mode by optimizing the brightness and color balance, dark areas in video games are displayed even sharper and clearer than usual, and accelerated image processing does not allow “slowing down.


Panasonic Viera TX-LR42E30 sound system shows enough volume reserve for a medium-sized room, without noticeable distortion. Preset sound modes are available for quick setup: “music”, “speech”. And for the most demanding viewers there is an 8-band equalizer.

Optional automatic volume leveling feature.


The remote control is comfortable enough. The buttons are divided into functional groups. For example, at the top are the digital buttons with large numbers . Menu navigation is done with a ring-shaped slightly concave joystick with an “Ok” button inside. Let’s notice that by means of the TV remote control and Viera Link system it is possible to control as well external connected equipment of Panasonic company, for example a Blu-Ray player. There is also a group of buttons at the bottom of the remote control for these operations.

The main menu items are on the left side of the screen, to the right they “unfold” more detailed settings.

As mentioned above, wired and wireless connection to the Internet is possible, as well as the use of some Internet resources, such as Skype IP telephony or special websites supported by Panasonic with various Internet content: photos, movies, games. If desired the TV can be connected to a keyboard or joystick via a USB connector.

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