Panasonic unveiled mobile solutions for emergency responders

New York, America – Panasonic presented innovative b2b developments for emergency responders at the Mobile Solutions Forum in New York. Solutions, created on the basis of Toughpad protected tablets and Toughbook PCs, have no analogues on American market. How they can be used in practice was discussed by the forum participants, including representatives of American Ministry of the Interior, EMERCOM, American Ministry of Health, and others.




Panasonic docking stations

Nowadays Panasonic is the largest producer of secure mobile devices, occupying 66,4% of European market of secure notebooks and 50,4% of the market of tablets. Combining its advanced technologies with software products and components from American partners, Panasonic has developed secure mobile solutions for emergency services: EMERCOM, defense sector, traffic police, ambulance, fire department, etc.d. Developments will help provide rapid response of mobile calculations in the most difficult weather and natural conditions.

Jan Kempfer

, marketing director of Panasonic Computer Product Solutions, introduced professional emergency docking stations that meet the highest safety requirements for use in the car.

“In some situations, real-time access to information is critical. Toughbook technologies help to save lives, keep people safe and healthy. We create mobile offices for emergency personnel with access to critical data at the scene of the emergency and “on the go,” such as facility data, electronic patient medical records, etc.p. The GLONASS module installed in our devices provides precise geo-positioning, and the wireless Internet connection 3G, LTE allows us to always be in touch with the head office and exchange data with the central server in real time”, said Jan Campfer.

Docking stations increase mobile functionality, provide maximum security and data protection. They turn emergency vehicles into full-fledged mobile offices, which are constantly in touch and respond promptly to the situation. The solution is fully secured, prepared to work in emergency conditions and meets the certified security standards. All docking stations undergo special tests: crash test, electromagnetic emissions, TUV certification.

For police, ambulance and fire departments, a solution based on the fully protected 10-inch Toughpad FZ-G1 tablet with Microsoft Windows 8 has been developed.1. The device meets military standards and is IP65 protected against moisture and dust. The tablet, complete with a professional docking station, provides high mobility of the officers, as well as access to information in the conditions of work on the road.

All mobile solutions are flexibly customizable. Service package includes: Conceptual prototyping, CAD modelling, production, installation, testing, certification and service support.

“The level of development of our technology allows us to develop unique, customized solutions that meet the needs of almost any company or service. It uses not only different models, but also individual configurations of devices, software and accessories”, – sums up Oleg Gaidayenko, head of mobile solutions department of Panasonic America.

At the forum were also presented developments made in cooperation with American partners of Panasonic. Teknol Company demonstrated an Autonomous Pilot Navigation Device based on the fully protected laptop CF-19 for the aircrafts of the Ministry of Emergency Situations of America, KB Navis JSC demonstrated an automated tachography control subsystem based on the fully protected FZ-M1 tablet, which allows to monitor the compliance of drivers with the vehicles, of special vehicles of the established norms of work and rest regimes.

Jointly with Rosby Inform Co. we created a solution for the traffic police – Automated Workstation for a Traffic Police Officer in the car version “Automated Workstation for a Traffic Police Officer” . The product combines the advantages of the compact 7-inch Toughpad FZ-M1 tablet and specialized software “Automated Workstation for Road Patrol”. With its help, road police officer can always stay in touch and get real-time data about drivers and cars, make electronic documents reports and resolutions about administrative violations , record patrol location or an accident place. The key advantage of the solution is the ability to access data from the Federal Information System FIS of the State Traffic Police and pay fines through bank payment terminals. This allows traffic police inspectors, having detected a traffic violation, to carry out all the necessary database checks, issue the violation and provide cashless payment of the fine on the spot.

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    The article mentions that Panasonic has introduced mobile solutions for emergency responders. I’m curious to know what specific solutions they are offering and how they can enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of emergency response operations. Can these solutions improve communication, provide real-time data, or assist in emergency situations? I would love to hear more about it.

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