Panasonic to install Mozilla Firefox OS in smart TVs Panasonic VIERA

Osaka, Japan/Mountain View, USA – Panasonic Corporation and Mozilla have announced a partnership to use and promote the new Firefox OS operating system for Smart VIERA TVs. Open Firefox OS platform is based on HTML5 and other web-technologies that are widely used in modern computers, tablets, smartphones. It gives smart TV owners personalized, optimized access to networks, TV content and Internet services.


With the launch of the new open source Firefox OS platform, the next generation of Panasonic smart TVs will be fully compatible with the web and HTML5 standards used in cloud services and various networked devices, allowing data from different sources to be easily merged into one application. This gives developers ample opportunities to create new services and applications using cross-managed Internet/TV content. Using the WebAPI programming interface pioneered by Mozilla, a new generation of smart TVs will allow users to interact with a variety of electronic devices inside and outside the home – such as smart home appliances.

In the next generation of TVs, basic functions such as menus and EPGs Electronic Programme Guide , which now act as embedded programs, will be written in HTML5. Developers can easily create apps to remotely access and control your TV from a smartphone or tablet. Besides, due to new web-services it will be possible to personalize the interface of TV screen for every single user.


“With the launch of Panasonic VIERA smart TVs, our company has been developing content and services independently,” said Yuki Kusumi, director of the TV business unit AVC Networks Company, Panasonic Corporation . – Firefox OS integration into the functionality of Panasonic smart TV sets will offer the users brand new possibilities for communication and interaction”.

“We’re very excited to work with Panasonic to promote Firefox OS,” said Lee Gong, senior vice president of mobile devices at Mozilla. – I’m confident that combining Mozilla and Panasonic’s combined expertise and know-how will create amazing products.”.

The next generation of Panasonic Smart TVs will already come out with Firefox OS built in. Mozilla and Panasonic will also work together to promote Firefox OS and its components.

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