Panasonic SR-TML 500 Multicooker: the excellent baked pork was served in the beginning…

The Japanese manufacturer has long ago and firmly established itself as a leader among manufacturers of multicookers, but the price of “panasonic” was biting, and consumers often opted for multicookers in cheaper price segment. And now, at last, good news: the company has let out multivar cooker Panasonic SR-TML500 specially adapted for the market of America and the CIS countries. The novelty belongs to the average price segment rrc – 5,499 Dollars , has expanded functionality and updated design.

Panasonic SR-TML500 Multicooker
Small appliances for kitchen
Small appliances for the kitchen

With the American scale and Japanese economy

Now we have more opportunities: a whole 18 automatic programs, Four brand new: for making yoghurt, jam, stuffed cabbage rolls and jams. American technologists and Japanese engineers of Panasonic took part in their development and testing.

We, as people, who have repeatedly tested Panasonic multicookers, were especially pleasant to see the program “Yogurt”, because we considered its absence as one of the disadvantages of this brand of devices.

We test on a place

Technologists and cooks at Panasonic set up something between master class and tasting for the journalists. In the new multicooker we cooked baked pork in the program “Baking” a piece of meat is cooked for 40 minutes, then it is turned over and cooked the same time from the other side , cooked rice for sushi and rolls and as Muscovites know already not worse than Japanese in consistence of sushi rice we can say that it has left an excellent! .

Steaming and sterilizing

Like the previous models, multicooker SR-TML 500 cooks, roasts, stews and bakes, but has its own unique “capabilities”.

You can increase the volume of the container and cook twice as much vegetables, meat or fish, and easily sterilize small baby bottles – young parents do not need to buy a separate sterilizer for this.

Cleans itself

The fundamental difference of the new product is the built-in self-cleaning program that helps remove odors and impurities from the bowl, lid and steam release valve. It is worth to note that previously only premium-priced multicookers had programs of self-cleaning of steam, now the opportunity to facilitate significantly the care for the device is available for future owners of inexpensive modelSR-TML500.

The delayed start timer for 24 hours, function of keeping food warm for 12 hours, large LCD display, thickened bowl with scratch-proof non-stick Teflon coating – all this makes the novelty even more practical, and the included recipe book will help to cook variously and deliciously.

Where to buy?

You can buy the novelty since July in official Panasonic e-shop and in retail chains of home appliances.


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