Panasonic NN-GS595A – new ideas for a good life

Developments of Panasonic company always corresponded to the global idea of a product – it should be good “Ideas for Life”. The sense of strategy is in the creation of new, unique appliances, which will help people to cook easily, tastily, healthily and with minimum effort.

Panasonic NN-GS595A

The world’s first steam inverter oven with a grill

Panasonic NN-GS595A model combines microwave cooking with “Steam”, “Grill” and “Oven” modes for the first time, allowing to speak about the appearance of microwave equipment of absolutely new type. The inverter technology allows food to be heated naturally, evenly and cooked much faster, with full flavour and nutritional value.


Steaming is becoming more and more popular, people are attracted by the possibility of preparing healthy and delicious meals. Now it’s even more convenient. Oven NN-GS595A is equipped with a steam generator, the user only needs to pour water into a special container and press a button. In a couple of minutes the chamber volume will be filled with hot steam. Steaming will become one of your favorite cooking methods, because tender and light steamed vegetables, meat and fish will not leave anyone indifferent.

Heating and defrosting with steam

In the past, heating or defrosting food would lose some of its nutritional value and make it drier and more bland. Panasonic has combined these functions with steam. Low temperature steam envelops the food, creating optimum humidity inside the chamber. Warm moisture retains the natural juiciness and texture of thawed and heated foods, preventing them from drying out – the hostess saves time and maintains the quality of her products.

Defrosting with a steam cooking function creates a natural defrosting environment. Combination of inverter turbo-defrost and humidity ensures uniform dispersion and penetration of microwaves. The food is defrosted perfectly, without sticking or overheating.

Only steam heating keeps food as juicy and delicious as freshly cooked. The steam not only warms the food, it also moistens it. Heating is absolutely uniform, and there is no need to cover the plate with foil or lid.

Double grill

Engineers have used a completely new approach: the oven has an upper and lower grill – quartz and halogen respectively. They brown food flawlessly on all sides until golden brown. Now the hostess will not have to constantly watch the cooking and turn the meat. You can also add steam in this mode, for a more delicate and flavorful experience. The steam blowing into the oven retains the juicy texture of the food even during roasting. Cooked food retains all the vitamins, and the amount of fat and cholesterol is reduced.


The Oven function was previously available only in convection ovens. This mode lets you set the temperature from 110 to 220°C and add steam at any time during baking. The products are particularly crispy, fluffy and brown. “The Oven is the best way to bake classic American cakes, pies, croissants and cookies. Casseroles, roasts and crockpots can be cooked in the oven. This compact helper can replace a full-fledged oven.

Perfect auto-heating with infrared sensor

Panasonic made sure that users know exactly the temperature to which their food is heated. It’s especially important when heating baby food, drinks, soups, side dishes, pies and other dishes. New oven can set the required heating temperature up to 90°C at the touch of a button. For your maximum comfort, reheating is completely automatic, thanks to an infrared sensor that continuously monitors the surface temperature of the food at 152 points and automatically stops the process when the food has reached the set temperature.

No turntable

This is the first inverter oven that does not have a turntable, giving users unlimited options in their choice of cookware. At the same time, the microwaves spread more evenly, and with the steam self-cleaning function, cleaning the inner chamber is more convenient. Thanks to the inverter technology, the volume occupied by electronic components has been reduced to a minimum, thereby increasing the useful area of the inner chamber.

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