Panasonic NN-CS596SZPE inverter steam oven review


Large range of functions, automatic, infrared sensor, fast and efficient defrosting.

Microwave ovens

No “quick” buttons provided.

Panasonic NN-CS596SZPE Inverter Steam Oven with Grill and Convection


VOLUME: 27 l, inner coated with stainless steel, back covered with catalytic enamel, bottom covered with ceramic enamel.

FUNCTIONS: Microwave 1000W, 6 power levels, cooking with steam, microwave+steam, quartz grill 1200W, microwave+grill, grill+steam, convection 1350W 100-300°C , convection+steam, convection+grill, convection+grill+steam inverter turbo defrost, automatic defrost, reheat with steam, automatic cooking programs 22 , automatic sensor cooking/reheating -10-90°C , timer 90 min.Cleaning with steam, drying steam generator.

CONTROL: touch control, display, recessed menu controls, time/weight, mode buttons, water level indicator, childLock.

CONSTRUCTION: inverter, IR sensor, without turntable, RCD, hinged door load up to 20 kg .

ACCESSORIES: glass shelf, metal tray, grid, oven glove, recipe book.

DIMENSIONS: 523x494x320 mm.

WEIGHT: 22 kg.

WARRANTY: 1 year.


Inverter technology is designed to control the power output directly so that the food is exposed to the desired degree of humidity continuously and evenly.

One of the most important functions is the inverter turbo-defrosting. When it is used, the microwave energy is distributed with optimal alternation of regularity and irregularity, which reduces the cycle time by half and defrosts the food more evenly.

The oven is equipped with a quartz grill, which has a higher working temperature, as well as convection. This mode allows to set the temperature up to 300° C. This model is equipped with a steam function. It is possible to cook with constant moistening of food with steam or to use steam at certain moments of cooking.

Defrosting with steam combines the technology of inverter turbo-defrost with humidification by low temperature steam. The result is a more uniform and efficient cooking process that avoids partial overheating and individual areas drying out, while maintaining the natural humidity of the food.

Steam is also very efficient during heating: it moistens the food and makes it juicy and tasty. It does not need to be covered with foil to prevent the food from drying out. Steam in the oven compartment provides optimal humidity for reheating.


The oven has a large number of functions, among which are automatic. Automatic cooking is the algorithms that are already stored in the oven’s memory, the user only selects the dish and sets its weight.

Sensor-controlled cooking is based on infrared sensors. They constantly monitor the temperature at 152 points and when the temperature reaches the set point, the oven switches off. Touch-controlled heating allows you to select the temperature from -10°C, so even ice cream or salad leaves can be heated to a pleasant temperature. Upper threshold: 90° C. The whole process is fully automatic and does not require to set any parameters.


It’s a pair of recessed controls and touch buttons, with information displayed on the display. The timer can be used to program a delayed start, and the selected duration of the process can be adjusted during the program.

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