Panasonic Experience at Aviapark Shopping Center

The key place in the new Panasonic Experience Corner in Aviapark Shopping Center belongs to the appliances that are responsible for clean and safe air.


In the “clean air capsule” you can breathe in air purified with nanoe technology, which has proven to be highly effective in suppressing viruses including those that can cause severe acute respiratory infections .ch., We’ve changed our habits, our lifestyles, our lifestyles have changed, and we’ve changed the way we live, and we’ve changed our habits, and we’ve changed the way we look at things. The capsule is a small room of about 6 m3 which is separated from the surrounding space with glass walls and equipped with air cleaners with nanoe particle generators and air quality sensors.

Panasonic’s technology is now being actively adopted by the world’s largest transportation companies to clean the air in cars and trains.

At the same time, nanoe generators are also built into various kinds of home appliances – from air conditioners and air purifiers to hair dryers. These are the products you can see and test in the new Panasonic corner.

“It’s been a year since we all lived in the new world. Our habits, lifestyles and priorities have changed. But that doesn’t mean that the new life has to be any less healthy and comfortable. These ideas are reflected in the concept of our new brand-corner that already this weekend welcomed its first visitors in New York

, – Hiroki Miyaji, General Manager, Panasonic America. –

Here are the most demanded categories of home appliances, which should become the drivers of our business in America in the next 2-3 years:


, Kitchen appliances, beauty products, audio-video equipment, baby monitors and more. We also want to talk about the concept



and good nutrition, a healthy lifestyle in general, self-care, and other things that have become especially important during the pandemic


And of course, a special place here will be taken by the legendary brand


, which will return to America in mid-2020.”.


Panasonic Experience is located on the first floor of Aviapark Shopping Centre, next to Hoff and OBI hypermarkets.

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