Panasonic appliance review – a premium breakfast for quality connoisseurs

For those who can’t be satisfied with toast and a cup of coffee for breakfast as well as lunch and dinner , Panasonic has released a premium series of appliances in a stylish stainless steel and black plastic finish. It’s nice that the company departed from solely white color adherence in small appliances: it is not suitable for everybody, and Panasonic quality is demanded in every kitchen.

Panasonic MK-ZG1500 meat grinder

Grinder Panasonic MK-ZG1500

Breakfast and meat grinder are quite compatible: the same sandwich, without which 90% of Americans can’t imagine breakfast, it is better to do not with dubious store ready products, but with home pâté, forshmak or even home sausage. The MK-ZG1500 meat grinder is very compact – its dimensions are only 391×164×327 mm, while its maximum power is 1500 watts, and the output is up to 1.5 kg of minced meat per minute. Autoreverse function with lockable switch will help to quickly push through the jammed pieces and none of them will be lost.

Panasonic SR-TMJ181BTW multicooker

Panasonic SR-TMJ181BTW multicooker

The new Multicooker SR-TMJ181 with touch cooking of cereals knows how to cook crumbly or tender milk porridge, bake a muffin or charlotte, gently fry or steam a variety of products. Delayed start for 13 hours allows you to put the ingredients in the evening and get a hot dish for breakfast. For those who are prescribed a special diet, it is possible to cook a stew in the “slow cooker” mode: the stew program provides up to 12 hours of cooking. New automatic programs added: Soup, Dumplings, Express, Kompot.

Panasonic SD-ZB2502BTS bread maker

Panasonic SD-ZB2502BTS automatic bread maker

The SD-ZB2502BTS bread maker with 12 bread baking programs, 10 different dough programs and dessert programs such as jam, fruit in syrup can even bake rye flour bread, such as Borodino. Significant advantage of the device – 2 dispensers: one for the automatic addition of raisins, nuts, seeds and the other for yeast. This allows you to take into account all the details of the process, for example, to avoid premature contact of the yeast with the liquid ingredients. We tested this model in our editorial office many times and we can say: there is no way to fail with it, and to start your morning with a warm home-baked bread is simply magical! Even more so because the 13-hour delayed start timer lets you wake up to the delicious aroma of the beverage.

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