P2US TV – a novelty in ultra-thin package from TCL

World-famous manufacturer of TV sets, TCL presents its new P2US series on the American market. The P2US series consists of four TVs with 43″ 49″ 55″ and 65″ 109, 124, 140, 165 cm . Available in three exclusive colors – blued steel, silver or mother of pearl gilding. Stylish design with a slim frame can now easily fit into any interior.


Modern HDR High Dynamic Range on P2US TVs. Special technology for an unbelievably realistic picture. New products display perfect 4K pictures regardless of video quality. A high-performance 64-bit processor automatically analyzes and converts the picture and the sound. Cortex-A53 processor integrated into P2US series to improve functionality and reduce power consumption.




Video equipment

P2US TVs are equipped with Smart TV functions. They support content downloads, making it possible to watch movies and listen to music in the best quality. TV+ 2 User Interface.0 has the ability to update firmware to continually expand the functionality of the TV and meet rapidly changing standards.

TCL’s P2US TVs have a built-in dual-band Wi-Fi router that works on frequencies 2.4GHz and 5GHz. This makes for a more stable wireless connection and faster data transfer speeds.


New items are also equipped with built-in Bluetooth technology for wireless connection of various external devices to the TV set: speakers, headphones, keyboards and joysticks. Miracast technology lets you directly stream multimedia content from your cell phone or tablet to your TV screen.

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