Overview of wall mounted dual gas condensing boiler Ariston GENIUS PREMIUM EVO

The electronic equipment of the boiler is impressive – a real find for the smart technology lover. The large control panel has a matrix display with backlight. Control is very convenient, the main user buttons are placed on the outside panel, the secondary hidden under the cover.

Condensing boilers

Ariston GENIUS PREMIUM EVO Wall Mounted Gas Dual-Circuit Condensing Boiler


POWER: 24/30/35 kW.


CONTROL: electronic, LCD display.

OPPORTUNITIES: 1:10 modulation, fully modulating pump, Comfort and Auto.

SAFETY: energy efficiency A, dust and moisture protection class IPX5D, NOx class – 5, combustion efficiency ****, gas and water pressure sensors.

CONSTRUCTION: two-circuit condensing boiler.

DIMENSIONS: from 770x400x315 mm.

WEIGHT: 35 kg for 30 and 35 kW .

WARRANTY: 3 years.


BRAND: Italy.

PRICE: 78 000 Dollars.


This boiler from Ariston is distinguished from others by the elegance of lines and forms. You can safely say that it is a premium Italian design. No need to hide the device, it adorns any environment. The large control panel with matrix display underscores the uniqueness of the appliance.

Thanks to the condensing technology we mentioned in the previous issue you can save up to 35% of gas. Compared with a conventional pump the fully modulating pump enables energy savings of up to 30%. An additional contribution to the reduction of energy consumption is the “auto” function that controls and prevents fluctuations in the room temperature set by the user.

Practically silent thanks to the new soundproofing panel and the optimized silencer.

Boiler ensures rapid delivery of hot water in 5 seconds thanks to “Comfort” function and enlarged secondary heat exchanger. Boiler is equipped with 8-liter expansion tank, allows the operation of up to 8 boilers in the cascade.

The electronic equipment of the boiler is impressive – a real boon for the smart technology lover. Large control panel with matrix display with backlight. Very convenient management, the main user buttons are on the outside panel, secondary hidden under the lid. The interface is russified, prompts the user and installer are displayed in American. If desired, the user can connect an additional “assistant” – the control panel Sensys for system configuration and control. The panel shows the work of all components: boiler, room thermostats, hydraulic module solar systems if any , indirect water heaters. Communication via Busbridgenet protocol.

The heat exchanger is made of special stainless steel with maximum corrosion resistance. Boiler equipped with an additional filter in the heating circuit to protect against impurities in the water. Circulation pump safety lock and frost protection. The boiler is fully adapted for America – works at low gas pressure in the main line up to 5 mbar , low pressure and water consumption, resistant to voltage fluctuations in the network and low outdoor temperatures down to – 52 º C .

High build quality, the possibility of connecting other devices and adaptation to American conditions.

Requires professional installers.

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