Overview of Vusa-system Panasonic 2-pipe ME1


Economy, high efficiency coefficient.

Air Conditioners

Suitable for multiroom apartments and country houses.

Climate Control Techniques


DEFINITION: Multiple room cooling and heating down to -25°C and below .


NUMBER OF UNITS: Max. 64 indoor and 3 outdoor units.

SYSTEM LOADING: up to 200%.

PIPE LONG: up to 120 m, max line length – 1000 m.

SIZES: small – 1758x770x930 mm, medium – 1758x1000x930 mm, large – 1758x1540x930 mm outdoor unit.

CONTROL: local controllers, system controllers, BMS computer , integration into “smart house” system.

Noise LEVEL: depends on the construction of indoor unit.

CONSTRUCTION: 1 to 3 outdoor units, ductwork and indoor units.


VRF-system of new generation – a rational and modern solution to create a microclimate in a large number of rooms located in one building – whether it is a large country cottage, hotel, office building, shopping center or apartment building. A suitable VRF system can be selected for each application.

The highest values for the actual pipe length and the maximum line length 1000 m allow the system to be used for tall buildings with many rooms.

Outdoor units range with 7 different models with capacities from 8 to 20 liters.with. in 2 l steps.with.

The ME1 can be equipped with three external units simultaneously for a total output of 60 liters.with.

Thanks to the new design of the blades, the fan suppresses turbulence and increases efficiency the air volume increases by 12% .

New fan motor better controls optimal airflow by checking and controlling the loading level and outside air temperature.

The new higher capacity inverter compressor enables the system to operate with the highest efficiency coefficient, which is ranked as the highest in the industry.

The system can be controlled either from individual control panels or from a central control unit that controls all indoor units as well as from a personal computer and via internet.

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