Overview of the Thomas sm@rt touch Comfort dry vacuum cleaner with dust bag: the dust of the century?

The model belongs to the new THOMAS sm@rttouch product line – developed in Germany especially for women – and is designed with the needs and wishes of housewives in mind. First of all, it is a real smart device with a touch screen display that allows you to select the mode of operation as on a smartphone – just by touching the desired “icon” with your finger: curtains, soft furniture, eco-mode, carpet and hard floor parquet, tiles, linoleum, stone floors .


The Thomas sm@rt touch Comfort Dry Cleaner with dust bag


POWER: max 2000 watts, suction 425 watts.

FILTERING: 3.5L MicroPor® dust canister with odour trap 6 per set , Blue CleanAir HEPA-13 filter washable , motor protection filter washable .

CONTROL AND INDICATION: Blue CleanAir HEPA-13 filter change indicator, dust bag change indicator, mechanical suction power control, electronic suction power control, remote control on the hose handle, power touch control on the cabinet.

CONSTRUCTION: silicone bumper, extended stainless steel telescopic tube with a plastic end, 2 parking positions, special Vario-Clip fastening of the accessories on the telescopic tube and the body of the vacuum cleaner, high performance castors with 360° rotation, cable length 10m, range 13m.

Complete with CleanLight Floor/Carpet Nozzle with automatic dark spotlighting and one handy foot button, 2 AAA batteries for CleanLight, horsehair nozzle for parquet floors, crevice nozzle, soft swivel brush nozzle for polished furniture, books, appliances etc. d., Nozzle for upholstered furniture, turbo brush for carpets.

SIZES: 425x231x451mm. WEIGHT: 4.7 kg with accessories.

COLOR: malachite.

WARRANTY: 2 years.


PRICE: 16 500 Dollars.


Part of the new THOMAS sm@rttouch range, designed in Germany especially for women and with all your expectations and needs in mind. The Vario-Clip has a real smart device with a touch-sensitive screen that lets you select the desired operating mode in real time, just by touching an icon: curtains, upholstered furniture, eco mode, carpet and hard floors parquet, tiles, linoleum, stone floors .

All models are also lightweight, incredibly maneuverable and quiet. A collection of bright and interchangeable bumpers lets you customise the cleaner for those times when you want something new and fancy.

Thanks to its advanced filtering system, the Thomas sm@rttouch reliably retains even the smallest dust particles. New generation HEPA filter Blue CleanAir 13 and HEPA bag not only retain dust but also absorb odors effectively. The indicator on the lid informs you in good time when the wash bag needs to be changed, and a “HEPA filter change” pictogram is shown on the display. The model can also be controlled by the radio button on the handle – very convenient – no need to bend over. The most popular nozzles can be fixed to the handle with a special attachment and are always at hand. Large selection of nozzles lets you clean a wide variety of surfaces in your home with the same efficiency: parquet, carpets, upholstered furniture, books, appliances, picture frames. A huge plus is the presence of light in the main nozzle: in a lack of light, it turns on automatically and makes cleaning even better.

Sophisticated filtration system, backlit nozzle, smart controls, rich equipment, maneuverability, compactness, light weight, possibility of “transformation”, clear instructions.

No storage bag for the accessories.

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