Overview of the meat grinder Chudesnitza EMSh-25


Reasonably priced, 4 chopping heads, auger juicer.

Meat Grinders

No accessories for cooking sausages and kebabs



Multifunctional meat grinder – kitchen combine Chudesnitsa EMSh-25


POWER: nominal consumption of 400 watts, maximum when the motor is blocked is 1500 watts.

Complete set: meat grinder, 2 perforated discs for mincing medium and large , 4 vegetable slicing attachments, juicer attachment, food tray made of plastic, pusher.

CONSTRUCTION: metal screw drive, plastic housing, compartment for power cord.

MODE: 1 speed.

PERFORMANCE: up to 0.6 kg of minced meat per minute.

DIMENSIONS: 240h170h220 mm. WEIGHT: 4.10 kg.

WARRANTY: 1 year.



Meat grinder brand “Miracle Maker” not only twists minced meat, juice “cold” method, but also helps to chop vegetables: it comes with 4 attachments fine grater, coarse grater, slices grater, grater for wiping .

The chopping capacity is up to 16 kg of vegetables per hour, making it easy to handle large harvests or chopping vegetables for winter canning.

It has a high grinding capacity and productivity – up to 35 kg of minced meat per hour about 0,6 kg per minute . Screw juicer with capacity of up to 27 kg/hour is worth special attention in the complete set: it is universal for any fruits and berries.

Price: 2250 Dollars.

Review of the meat grinder Chudesnica EMSh-25
Chudesnica EMSh-25 Chudesnica_4opt meat grinder review

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