Overview of the De Luxe 8W30V1 series TOP LIKE electric storage battery water heater

The De luxe Top Like 8W30V1 electric water heater is an exceptionally reliable and economical model. Water tank is made of low-carbon steel with thickness of 2 mm and covered with double layer of ecologically clean glass enamel. The inner surface of the tank is coated by GLASSLINED technology at 850°C. This technology is by far the safest protection against corrosion for a steel tank. The most important elements of the heater – copper heating element and magnesium anode – help to eliminate corrosion. Innovative surface treatment of the heating element and excellent thermal conductivity properties of copper ensure good heat transfer and do not deform when exposed to temperature changes.

De luxe

Electric storage battery water heater De Luxe 8W30V1 series TOP LIKE


VOLUME: economical. mode – 15 l, basic mode – 30 l.

WATER SUPPLY: rated power consumption. mode – 1000 W/main mode – 2000 W.

pressure: characteristics of the safety non-return valve:

Direct pressure – 0,02 MPa Back pressure – 0,1 to 0,2 MPa Reset pressure – over 0,6 to 0,7 MPa inclusive.

CONTROL: mechanical, with rotary knob.

FEATURES: the speed of water heating from 15 to 60 ° C – 10 minutes, regardless of mode

possible outlet water temperature regulation range – from 30 to 70°C.

SAFETY: meets GOST R 52161.1-2004 Safety of household and similar electrical appliances. General requirements , GOST R 52161.2.21-2006 Safety of domestic and similar electrical appliances. Accumulator water heaters , protection against moisture and electric shock IP24 and GOST 14254-96 1 class , manual pressure relief knob, safety valve, heating temperature limitation.

CONSTRUCTION: 2 water tanks, 2 heating elements, 2 modes – basic and economical, vertical wall mounting, bottom coupling. Wall mounting, bottom supply.

DIMENSIONS: 285x435x628 mm.

WEIGHT: without water with water – 20/50 kg.

WARRANTY: for the tank – 3 years, for electric components – 1 year from the date of sale.



PRICE: 6 300 Dollars.

De luxe


Electric water heater De luxe Top Like 8W30V1 – extremely reliable and economical model. The water tank is made of low carbon steel, 2 mm thick and coated with a double layer of environmentally friendly glass enamel. The inside of the tank is coated by GLASSLINED technology at 850°C. At present this technology is the most reliable protection of steel tank from corrosion. Corrosion prevention is also helped by renewed most important elements of water heater – copper heating element and magnesium anode. Innovative surface treatment of the heating element and excellent thermal conductivity properties of copper ensure a good heat transfer and do not deform under temperature changes. In combination with the new configuration and increased size of the anode this innovation enhances the anti-corrosion properties. Note another feature of the new heating element – the absence in its composition coating of nickel, which is known to be toxic, and its compounds can cause strong allergies in people. Nickel and its compounds are banned in consumer products in Europe and America. All the technologies used extend the life of the heater, increase resistance to corrosion and prevent accidental leakage.

Environmentally friendly CFC FREE polystyrene foam insulation, which does not contain any ozone-depleting substances, is placed between the casing and the inner tank. Highly efficient thermal insulation significantly reduces the time of water heating and increases the cooling time. Comparing this device with counterparts from the 90’s, you realize what a giant leap the domestic manufacturer in terms of quality and reliability has made.

The internal water tank consists of two tanks, joined together by a special system of overflow. Each tank has its own heating element with power of 1000 W. In economy mode, water is heated in one tank in main mode, water is heated in two tanks.


Thanks to simplicity and accessibility of basic controls, almost everyone can easily control the heater.On the control panel there are indicators control lamps of the main and additional heating elements, the handle to adjust the temperature of water heating, the button to switch modes of operation of the water heater. The heating elements in the main mode can be operated separately, i.e.e. switch on/off as the water heats up/cools down.

For greater safety on the front panel installed thermal switches. If the water in the tank is hotter than 95°C, they simply disconnect the appliance from the power supply.


Boiler in a modern style, laconic design, compact size, flat shape, no extravagances. Control panel perfectly complements the appearance of the device.


The device includes a safety check valve. It lets water pass through in one direction only and prevents it from spontaneously discharging from the boiler when the water supply is shut off. This valve protects the appliance from overpressure by discharging through the drain. The heater is not afraid of the “fluctuating” voltage in the electrical system, which is very important for our rural residents and vacationers.


The appliance provides a special valve. For the safety valve to work properly, it is necessary to occasionally drain a portion of water through the drain spigot, thereby removing possible lime scale from it. The magnesium anode also needs to be replaced periodically, every one to two years or so. To change it yourself is not difficult, just carefully read the instructions. Some models are equipped with a mechanical water filter.

If the water in the tank contains impurity grain of sand, rust from water pipes, chalk deposits,.etc. , , it is recommended to install an additional fine filter. Too bad that there is no protection against freezing, in a room without heating for the winter unit can not leave.

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