Overview of the Bomann KG 178 two-chamber refrigerator.1


Best value for money, all plastic boxes are transparent, dishwasher-safe, low energy consumption.

Big kitchen appliances

Small drawer for vegetables.

Bomann KG 178.1 Bottom refrigerator with a freezer compartment

Two-chamber refrigerator with bottom freezer compartment Bomann KG 178.1

Specific features

DIMENSIONS: 180×55.4×55.1 cm.

VOLUME: total volume 277/268 l refrigerator compartment 202/196 l freezer 75/72 l.

CLASS: Energy efficiency class A+ annual energy consumption

255 kWh/year climate-N-ST +16°C to +38°C .

FROSTING CHAMBER: manual defrosting system, freezing capacity 3,5 kg/day, time of keeping cold in blackout 12 hours, min. Temperature – 18 °C, three clear plastic compartments, two with hinged lid and one retractable, ice tray.

COOLING: drip defrosting, continuous temperature adjustment from 0°C to +8°C, 4-height adjustable tempered glass shelves with plastic rims, 1 fruit and vegetable drawer, 4 height-adjustable door shelves, egg tray, bottle holder, 15W light bulb.

CONTROL: mechanical, temperature regulator on right side inside refrigerator compartment.

CONSTRUCTION: 1 compressor from SiCHUAN DANFU COMPRESSOR CO., ltd, coolant R600a isobutane , hinged doors clockwise starting , noise level below 43dB, front feet adjustable in height, rear feet on castors, weight 59kg.

COLOR: white/silver.

WARRANTY: 2 years.



Refrigeration compartment with automatic “crying” type defrosting. When the compressor is not running, water droplets drip down the rear wall of the refrigerator compartment through an outlet channel into a tank attached to the compressor, from where they then evaporate.

Seven temperature settings possible by means of the thermostat.

The shelves are easily height-adjustable, allowing for trouble-free placement of oversized dishes and winter preparations in jars. It is convenient to put tall bottles on the door, as the shelves on it are wide and structurally sound. Note that the drawer for vegetables and fruits is small, it is easy to remove, but a lot of products can not fit into it.

Two containers in the freezer compartment are equipped with hinged lids, and the drawer can hold up to 25 kg.


Classic refrigerator. Optional trendy silver color. Compact design, even with recessed knobs to save space.


Great for kitchens with limited space because it is only 55.4 cm wide, which is very rare for tall refrigerators. Large refrigerator compartment combined with a small freezer will appeal to people who prefer to eat fresh rather than frozen foods.

Energy efficiency class A+, which is currently in demand, is not often found in models of this price group.

21 500 Dollars.

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