Overview of Electronic floor diagnostic scales Sinbo SBS 4433


Memory for 10 users, the ability to estimate important body parameters, suitable for determining the weight of children from 2.5 kg.


Not suitable for pregnant women.



Electronic floor diagnostic scales Sinbo SBS 4433



FUNCTIONS: percentage of water, fat, bone and muscle mass, Body Mass Index BMI , memory for 10 users, user parameters: gender, age up to 80 years , height 100-220 cm , choice of units kg/lb .

CONTROL: electronic, graphic display indication of parameters, low charge, exceeding maximum permissible weight graphic analyzer of measurements.

FEATURES: High precision strain gauge, safety tempered glass platform.

POWER: 1 lithium cell CR2032.

SIZES: 335h300h20 mm. WEIGHT: 2 Kg.

WARRANTY: 1 year.


This scale measures body parameters by means of bioelectric analysis of total body resistance. Therefore, the measurement is made barefoot. And before you start controlling weight and other indicators, you need to enter your age, sex, height. The device is able to keep the parameters of one to 10 people in memory. When weighing, you only need to enter your number. Scales are able to determine the percentage of water, fat, bone and muscle tissue in the body, body mass index. The last parameter is important for early diagnosis of heart disease and hypertension. All parameters help to monitor your health, evaluate the effectiveness of your diets and sports activities. During measurement, the characteristics are displayed, with an icon indicating underweight, overweight or normal.

PRICE: 990 Dollars.

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