Overview of De Luxe W80VH1/W100VH1 storage water heater

Heater tank has a three year warranty. Accessories and materials for heaters are purchased from the best European manufacturers. Produced on the equipment of the world’s leading manufacturers. The quality of heaters fully complies with European requirements and confirmed by certified quality management system in accordance with GOST ISO 9001.


VOLUME: 80/100 l.

POWER: 1,0/2,0 kW.


CONTROL: thermostat, button on the 2nd heating element, operating display.

OPPORTUNITIES: 2 operating modes.

SAFETY: enlarged magnesium anode, safety valve.

CONSTRUCTION: two “dry” heating elements, water and dust protection class IPX4, stainless steel inner tank coated with porcelain glass enamel, environmentally friendly CFC Free insulation.

SIZES: 430×760/890mm.

WEIGHT: 29/32Kg.

WARRANTY: 3 years.

De luxe

Exclusive Series

Extremely easy maintenance.

External control.

Two modes of water heating – economic and fast.

Enlarged magnesium anode.

Appliance surface is treated with water resistant powder paint. Inner tank made of low carbon steel coated with high quality porcelain glass enamel.

Flexible approach

The device has a very simple, intuitive operation. The thermostat selects the heating temperature, upon reaching which the indicator light goes out. Two modes of operation available. Fast mode switches on the heating elements at full power, thus increasing performance and shortening heating time. The economy mode engages only half of the power, thus saving energy. The enlarged magnesium anode guarantees additional life time of the heater and protects the tank from electrochemical corrosion.

Easy maintenance

Heating elements of the heater are “dry”, they are hidden in an airtight casing, because of the lack of direct contact with water the service life of the elements increases significantly. In the case of the need for maintenance repair or replacement it is very easy to access without the need to disassemble, dismantle the tank and even without draining the water. Simply turn off the power and remove the heating element by unscrewing the lower plastic lid of the heater.

Another design feature – the flange with a wide “neck. It provides easy access to the electrical parts and the magnesium anode for quick and easy maintenance. The flange is attached to the body of the heater 6 standard bolts. Today this design is considered the most reliable and provides a perfect connection between the flange and the body. It is also the most convenient because the screws can be removed with a conventional wrench.


Environmentally friendly CFC Free insulation is used for the appliance. It is located between the case and the internal tank and does not contain in its composition ozone-depleting substances. Thanks to the high thermal insulating properties of expanded polystyrene the minimum daily loss of energy is achieved.

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