Ovens Miele Dialog Oven and Hoover Keepheat – cooking at home like in a restaurant

In just a few years, cooking at home will be very different, and the usual oven may become an obsolete appliance. Both at IFA 2017 in Berlin in September and at Eurocucina 2018 in April, the focus was on ovens that let you cook in new ways.


Miele Dialog Oven

The oven was unveiled at the Berlin trade fair in September.


Representatives of the company talked about the same device at the conference on IFA 2019.

More details about the oven

We featured the Miele Dialog Oven in Consumer magazine. Home Appliances #5 2017-2018.

And at the company’s stand in Milan the Miele Dialog Oven was the center of the exposition.

The Dialog Oven will be launched in Europe as early as the second quarter of this year and will be available in Germany and Austria.

The Dialog Oven was not just an oven with microwave function. The Dialog Oven has a modular unit that generates electromagnetic waves in a specific frequency range and distributes them within the appliance using two high-performance sensors. Because the molecules in food are arranged differently and even rearrange themselves during cooking, the continuous frequency regulation supports the cooking process. The same sensors transmit to the Dialog Oven information about the amount of energy absorbed by the food.

M Chef technology heats food with electromagnetic waves. Product is cooked “volumetrically”: for example, meat fillet will be evenly pink from the edges to the center.

The Dialog Oven can be controlled via the Miele@mobile app, which is the ideal starting point for experimentation and new ideas.

Miele@mobile offers users a number of automatic programs developed specially for Dialog Oven. Along with video recipes and shopping lists, the application also allows you to transfer the parameters of the recipe directly to the device. This feature allows aspiring chefs to explore the unique capabilities of Miele, as their favorite recipes are available in the app.

Dialog Oven is easy and simple to use, thanks to automatic programs. Depending on individual needs, users can choose the most suitable for them. For example, “Gourmet Pro” is designed for those who already have some experience with this appliance and for fans of culinary experiments. In this case, all parameters such as the operating mode, Gourmet Units, Intensity and cooking time are set manually by the user. The “Gourmet Assistant” is a mode in which the settings are automatically adjusted, depending on the type and quantity of food, guaranteeing excellent results.



The new Hoover KEEPHEAT oven, a device in which the dish is always ready to be served, had its world premiere in Milan.

The manufacturers assure that, thanks to Exever technology, the oven not only cooks the food but also preserves it without losing its flavor, so that the cooked meal will be ready to eat at any time. The aroma, flavor and nutrient composition of the food are fully retained. This was made possible by the introduction of special technology for cooking and storing food at low temperatures 62 ° C or 70 ° C , depending on the type of food.

The idea of manufacturers is that using a Hoover KEEPHEAT oven, you can cook your favorite dish, for example, on a day off, when you have more free time, and eat it during the week, fully enjoying the same taste and aroma.

How it will work is not very clear. You have to taste, compare the taste of a freshly cooked dish and something that’s been sitting in the Hoover KEEPHEAT for days.

The opportunity to purchase this device will be available to European customers in Q2 2019.

The price of the oven is 799 – 899 euros, depending on the configuration.

Hoover washing machines, ironing equipment and vacuum cleaners are supplied to America only. The issue of built-in equipment of this brand is still under discussion by Candy Hoover Groupe.

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