Oursson FE0205D fermenter test: wine from oranges

Home-made wine – there’s something magical and alluring about it. Maybe it recalls the classic literature, when every manor house made their own drinks and treated their guests to them, or maybe the Soviet times, when many houses had three-liter jars covered with an inflated rubber glove.



Anyway, it seems that making wine at home is a long and complicated process, so, when we saw in the recipe book of our fermenter APELSIN WINE, we could not resist the temptation and decided to try it, to make it and treat ourselves.

So, it took 15 large oranges. We squeezed them with an auger juicer. We got about 2 liters of juice with pulp.


We poured the juice into a jug, sealed it with a lid and kept it in the fermenter for 168 hours. So the fermentation process went on for 7 days.


After a week, it automatically shut off. Following the instructions, we strained the juice – on top of it formed such a lush steep cap – and put the jar in the fridge.

Product processing

We strained it again and poured the drink into nice little bottles. We got a little more than a liter of brew. We did not clean it completely from the pulp. During storage another week the pulp precipitated, and the drink itself became light and almost transparent.

Naturally, we were tasting this young wine in a friendly circle.

The drink acquired a slight bitterness, combined with a bright citrus note and a sour-sweet taste. Everyone who tried it called it very tasty and many of them asked for more. Of course, it’s a weak alcoholic beverage, and for further “transformation” you can add sugar or honey and let it stand still. Some people suggested just diluting it with vodka and getting something very similar to Limoncello.

But the fact remains that the bottle was empty very quickly.

So the whole staff was satisfied with the result of the experiment and advised to continue in the same spirit, because in the book of recipes there are grape wine, pear wine, raspberry wine, apple wine, etc.d.

The fermenter does almost all the work, no need to watch the temperature and time.

A week is a long time, I would like the device to have a memory effect, and in case of power failure to indicate how much time is left.

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