Oursson Dehydrator: When you’re craving strawberries, you’re craving dessert too!

You want something that’s tasty, healthy, sweet, and low in fat. So, let’s make chewy candy. Natural!

We will need:

Frozen cranberries – 1 kg,

500g of granulated sugar,

Gelatin – 50g,

Potato starch – 100 g

and… dehydrator.

Dessert was preparing: Galina SIZIKOVA.


Cranberry candies

Food dryers

Oursson DH0620D Dehydrator

Method of preparation:

Step 1 – preparatory.

We squeeze the juice from the cranberries. The most convenient way to do it is to use a screw juicer. By the way, there is such a device in Oursson’s range.

We squeeze the juice, add sugar and gelatin, stir and leave for half an hour.

Then put the pot with the mixture on low heat, stirring to dissolve sugar and gelatin.

Then we pour the mixture into molds or into one large mold and put it to harden.

Basically, it’s already delicious. But while we have a very dense jelly in front of us, almost marmalade, and we are still making candy.

Food Processing


Processing foods

Time for the dehydrator to step in.

We cut the frozen jelly, sprinkle it with potato starch, and put it on the parchment-lined tray of the dehydrator.

Set the temperature to 45°C and the time to 24 hours – now we have to wait.

By the way, after 24 hours there was significantly less candy on the tray: the kids came up, opened the lid and helped themselves to the goodies.

Dessert is a success!

My son asked for strawberry and cherry ones, and my daughter suggested they be on the holiday menu.

In the recipe book and in the app you can find recipes for different chewy candies: cherry, strawberry, ginger. They are all made with 100% natural raw materials, so they are both tasty and healthy.


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