Oursson Cookware Overview: for the best housewives

Have you ever noticed how nice it is to cook in good quality, beautiful dishes?? And what delicious dishes turn out in thick-walled pots and pans? It’s nice that now you can buy dishes that combine centuries-old traditions and modern technology, which, on the one hand, reminiscent of the village stove and cast-iron, and on the other – is associated with the latest developments and achievements. Oursson cookware is made with love, so it will last and cook with pleasure.

Oursson cookware Itala series

Itala Series


Designed by the famous Italian designer Pino Spagnolo. Cookware epitomizes warmth and coziness. Dark color, comfortable handles, rounded forms – everything is elegant and robust. Cookware is heavy, which indicates the high quality and durability of the materials. It seems that our grandmothers still used these pots, but in fact we can pass them on to our grandchildren. Glass lids with bakelite handles from the ITALA range are available separately and are universal – suitable for all pots and pans of the corresponding diameter.


Cookware is made of high quality aluminum and suitable for all types of stoves, including induction stoves. Bakelite handle never gets hot.


ILAG ULTIMATE professional non-stick coating corresponding to the highest standards. Besides it is free of lead, perfluorooctanic acid, cadmium and absolutely safe for the health. Resistant to sharp temperature differences, abrasion, scratches and aggressive impact of detergents.

Unique coating technology guarantees its durability.

Bottom thickness is 4.3 mm.

wall thickness – 2,8 mm.

2 year guarantee on coverage.


CA2400P/BB CA2000P/BB saucepans – 2990 Dollars. 2793 rbl.

Capacity – 4 l 2.4 l d – 240 mm 200 mm.

Weight 1.78kg 1.32kg.

PD1600P/BB bucket – 1230 rub.

Capacity – 1.2 l, d – 160 mm.

Weight – 0.59 kg.

Pans PF2020P/BB PF2420P/BB PF2820P/BB – 1190 Dollars. 1593 Dollars. 1995 Dollars.

d – 200 mm 240 mm 280 mm.

Weight – 0.64 kg 0.845 kg 1.1 kg.

Saucepan PS2400P/BB – 2940 Dollars.

d – 240 mm.

Weight – 1,545 kg.

Lids LI2001/TB LI2401/TB LI2801/TB – 500 Dollars. 776 Dollars. 840 Dollars.

d – 200 mm 240 mm 280 mm.

Stern series


Modern and original. Rounded shapes, large silicone handles with ribbed surface which protects from

Oursson cookware Stern series

slips, flirty curved transparent glass lids – everything is thought over for comfortable cooking.

Bright and beautiful packaging allows you to present this dish as a gift for a housewarming party or a wedding.


Cookware made of cast aluminum of the highest quality. Suitable for any kind of stove, including induction stoves. A series feature is the thickened base of the pans which guarantees its excellent performances.


The three-layer Ilag Ceramic coating has an unrivalled non-stick and stain-resistance properties. Ceramic-reinforced layer with good adhesion guarantees durability. The coating is environmentally friendly and does not contain any impurities that are harmful to health or the environment.

Thickness of the bottom – 6 mm.

Wall thickness – 2,5 mm.

2 years guarantee on coating.


CA2800C/BB CA2400C/BB /CA2000C/BB saucepans.

Capacity – 6.9 l 4 l 2.5 l d – 280 mm 240 mm 200 mm.

Solida Series


Noble and cheerful. Brilliant cookware in every way. Comfortable handles with silicone inserts, glass lid with

Oursson Solida Cookware

Wide non-tempered handle, which is convenient to grasp even with wet hands – all these details will be appreciated by modern housewives. Nose and holes in lid rim for easy pouring out of liquids. Convenient capacity markings let you follow any recipe precisely.


Stainless steel cookware is now at the peak of popularity and fashion. Made of so called “medical” 18/10 steel. This is important because stainless steel 18/10 is the optimum in its density and hardness, it is less prone to scratches, it is resistant to acids and alkalis, even at high temperatures.

Thanks to the unique Impact Bonding technology, which guarantees the absence of air cavities between the layers of metal, the pots heats up and cooks much faster and with better efficiency.

Bottom thickness – 6 mm.

Wall thickness – 0,6 mm.

Guaranteed 25 years.


CA2070/SS CA2470/SS saucepans – 1804 Dollars. 2125 Dollars.

Capacity – 2 l 4 l d – 200 mm 240 mm.

Weight – 1.484 kg 2.041 kg.

Ladle PD1670/SS – 1573 Dollars.

Capacity – 1 l, d – 160 mm.

Weight – 1.051 kg.

Eterna series


Classic cookware with flat lids and welded handles will never stand idle. There are marks on the inner walls

Oursson cookware Eterna series

A generous capacity for extra convenience when cooking.


“Medical” steel 18/10 does not react with acids and alkalis in the food, even at high temperatures and does not release any substances, which is very important. That is why stainless steel cookware is so popular. Besides, it is durable and does not loose its properties with time.

The bottom consists of three layers: between two layers of metal there is a layer of aluminum – for faster and more even heating. It uses Impact Bonding technology: no air cavities between the metal layers, which results in quicker heating up of the cookware.

Bottom thickness 6mm.

Wall thickness – 0,8 mm.

Guaranty – 25 years.


CA1870/SS CA2071/SS saucepans – 1973 Dollars. 2172 rub.

Capacity – 2 l 3 l d – 180 mm 200 mm.

Weight – 1,64 kg 1,985 kg.

Ladle PD1870/SS – 1973 Dollars.

Capacity – 2 l, d – 180 mm.

Weight – 1,627 kg.

Delice Cookware


There is one word for it: Purity – lines, coatings, colors. Thick-walled, which is important for stewing, cooking sauces and dips

Oursson cookware Delice series



Cast aluminum is lightweight, fast-heating, unpretentious. It won’t come into contact with your food as it has a non-stick coating. Handles – Bakelite with Softtouch surface – always stays cool. They are stable and very comfortable thanks to their graceful curves.

Ilag Ceramic coating

Ceramics – at the peak of success. Sleek, shiny, durable. Allows to cook with minimum oil, without fear that the dish will burn.

Bottom thickness – 5 mm.

Wall thickness – 2,5 mm.

2 years warranty.


Frying pans PF2020C/WC PF2420C/WC PF2820C/WC.

Diameter – 200 mm 240 mm 280 mm.

Wok PW2800C/WC.

Diameter 280 mm.

PS2400C/WC saucepan with lid.

Diameter – 240 mm, capacity 3 l.

Thickness of the bottom – 6 mm, walls – 2,8 mm.

Ladle PD1600/WC.

Capacity – 1,38 l, d – 160 mm.

5.5 cm thick bottom and 2.2 cm thick walls.

Profit Series


Expensive professional cookware for true chefs. You can easily prepare gourmet meals every day with it.

Oursson Profit series cookware

Black, exquisite shapes, solidity in every detail. Removable handles allow you to use this pot for cooking in ovens, too.


All series pans are made of cast aluminum with ILAG ceramic coating with excellent non-stick and stain-resistance properties.

Bottom thickness 5 mm.

Wall thickness – 2,5 mm.

2 years warranty.


Grill pan PF2650CR/BB.

Square shape. Size 260×260 mm.

Frying pans PF2020CR/BB PF2420CR/BB PF2620CR/BB.

Diameter – 200 mm 240 mm 260 mm.

Ladle PD1601CR/BB.

Diameter – 160 mm.

Saucepans PS2400CR/BB PS2800CR/BB.

Diameter is 240 mm 280 mm.

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