Our answer to the flu

Medics say that properly selected equipment and good care of the appliances you already have can help prevent possible viral infections. What equipment will help not to get sick, and which, on the contrary, will increase chances to catch a disease?

Our answer to the flu

Cleanliness is the key to health?

According to numerous studies, one of the very common ways to get infected is to wash your hands with common soap. Doctors conducted an experiment: in one hospital they replaced all the solid soap with liquid soap in bottles with a dispenser. The incidence of all kinds of infections decreased many times over in places where people used liquid soap. And yet there is a certain amount of human contact with the dispenser, because the pump has to be pressed by hand. Manufacturers of technology have figured out how to avoid unnecessary touching and further reduce the risk of infection: electronic dispenser for liquid soap Sinbo Sabunmatik SD 6802 responds to hand heat thanks to a sensitive infrared sensor and dispenses soap without touching the device. There is a “bonus” – saving soap, as the device gives it in very small portions, and a special design of the pump eliminates leakage. It is possible to change the dosage of soap or the distance at which the sensor reacts to body heat. The backlit LCD display will show you the amount of soap in the tank, the batch size and the battery charge level. Install such a miracle at home or in the office – and be sick less, especially since it costs only from 790 to 1000 Dollars.

Sinbo Sabunmatik SD 6802 liquid soap dispenser

The sea is under your nose

Have you ever wondered how much a bottle of sea water for nasal lavage, which is so often prescribed to us and our children by doctors for a variety of diseases of the nasopharynx – rhinitis, tonsillitis, sore throat, pharyngitis – costs in the pharmacy? Sometimes it’s 300-400 Dollars for 30-50 ml! It’s a great product – safe, natural, effective and… easy to prepare and use at home by yourself: sea salt is available at the drugstore, you can also find clean water. But here’s how to rinse your nose – because pharmacy bottles have a special atomizer? Help will come to the device, which we have already written about more than once – the oral irrigator. Under pressure he delivers a stream of water from a special thin hose, which effectively washes interdental spaces, gum “pockets” and hard-to-reach areas of the mouth. Such a device is recommended to almost everyone who wants to keep their teeth and gums healthy. But there are not simple irrigators, and nasal nozzles, such as Donfeel OR-820M with two additional nozzles for nasal irrigation. Nozzle with a blue tip forms large drops of water and is suitable for disinfection and stuffy nose, the nozzle with a dark tip forms the fine-dispersed water “fog” and helps particles of salt “reach” the inflamed areas of the nasopharynx. The solution should contain 3-4% sea salt, i.e.e. 7-10 g per 250 ml of water. Table salt is not suitable, because it’s not a good idea.k. contains 99.9% sodium chloride. Sea salt is a treasure trove of useful minerals. There are more than a hundred of them, including potassium, magnesium, sodium, calcium, iron, iodine, bromine and many others.

Smile FS 3020 Inhaler

Breathe – Don’t Breathe

Remember this: your mother sits you over a pot of boiled jacket potatoes, covers your head with a terry towel and says, “Breathe!”It’s good if mom doesn’t overdo it and the potatoes aren’t too hot. Everybody has probably inhaled by this method, and everyone probably wondered if something less barbaric could have been invented? Of course, manufacturers of medical equipment offer us inhalers – compression, ultrasonic, but they are expensive from 3500 Dollars , and not universal: intended only for inhalation. And steam saunas for the face can serve as a beauty tool and inhaler, if you add to the water tank a therapeutic composition or simply essential oil. For example, the device Smile FS 3020 even has a special nozzle for inhalation. The temperature of steam in the steam sauna is strictly controlled and does not exceed 42 °C, so it is much safer than potatoes. Price of a question – from 760 to 1000 Dollars.

Mystery MAH-2605 air humidifier

Excessively dry indoor air which is how it is in our apartments during the heating season is another “helper” of airborne infections. Firstly, any particles, including dust, allergens, viruses etc. travel more quickly and easily in dry air and sink to the bottom in humid air. Secondly, the mucous membranes of humans and especially children dry out, becoming thinner and more fragile, less performing their barrier protective function, which “enjoys” all sorts of pain. Comfortable level of humidity in the room is considered a figure 40-60%, but in the heating season, it usually does not reach up to 30%. A special device called a hygrometer helps to check it. By the way, it should also be built into a quality humidifier – such as Mystery MAH 2605 – a modern device that will help maintain comfortable air humidity in the room with an area up to 30m². Ultrasonic humidifier is equipped with a removable 5L water tank. The maximum water consumption is 300 ml/hr, and the intensity of humidification can be adjusted. Built-in water timer for 12 hours with power-off time setting helps you use your humidifier in a smart and safe way. Comfortable humidity level is automatically maintained and special indicators show current and target humidity levels. The model is also convenient because the direction of the steam output can be adjusted: to let the jet on the potted plants or in the direction of the crib. By the way, a sleeping baby will not wake up if the device works, because it does it very quietly. Use ultrasonic humidifier is completely safe, because at the heart of its work is not heating water and its evaporation under high temperature, and the generation of water fog by vibrating with high frequency ultrasonic plate to which the water is fed. It splits into tiny particles that form clouds of steam-not hot, but cold, more like fog. And if the water in the tank runs out – the appliance will shut off. Removable water softening cartridge helps protect it from lime deposits and prolongs its service life. Mystery MAH-2605 model with electronic control and built-in hygrostat costs about 2000 Dollars.

High Efficiency Partic

The most feared beast named HEPA

If doctors are asked to find the most potentially dangerous thing in the house for the infection of viruses, they would probably give some “honorable” place to HEPA-filters and filters in home appliances in general. If, of course, it will be the same filters, which are supposed to be changed at least once every six months or a year, but who remembers that?? The source of danger can become a permanent trapper of microscopic particles in the air conditioner, vacuum cleaner, air purifier, kitchen hood. Have you ever read or heard manufacturers promise that a HEPA filter will trap “the smallest particles, even viruses and bacteria”?? Please note – DELETE, not destroy! So they stay there – in the micro pores of the micro filter. And what do they do there?? dies? Not at all! They live and even multiply, many types of bacteria and viruses remain mobile. Not without reason HEPA filters used in large objects for example, in air-cleaning systems in hospitals, factories , even require special disposal – depending on the specific organics falling into them. So change your HEPA filter on time, don’t wait until this useful addition to your air conditioner, air purifier or vacuum cleaner becomes dangerous.

MIKMA 833 hair dryer

What the hair dryer will give us?

At the pool, of course, there are many other ways to get infected – no less than to get healthy. But using a common hair dryer, especially a “cap”, is also an effective way to pick up airborne nasties. There is always a lot of alien “flora” on the handles of hair dryers, but the main thing is that these hair dryers work tirelessly for many days. Before they let the air out, they suck it in – with all the bacteria, viruses and more. Then they heat it up and germs love a warm environment and release it on you from the filthy grids. In many establishments they work for months without hygienic maintenance, and what they blow us with is a question for sanitary doctors. The same goes for hand dryers in public restrooms. Our advice is to use your personal travel hair dryer at the pool and wipe your hands in the public restroom.

A personal hair dryer in a gym bag is a necessity, but often travel and compact hair dryers do not allow to dry your hair properly – they simply lack the power. But now it is possible to find a decent appliance in this category. For example, a hair dryer MIKMA 833 unusually light housing and folding handle combined with a fairly high maximum power of 1600 watts, which allows you to quickly dry even long and thick hair and make styling any complexity. You can put a hair dryer like this in your purse and use it at the pool or the fitness club. MIKMA 833 gently cares for your hair, without drying it out. Three modes of operation cold, moderate, hot allow for individual selection of temperature for any hair type. If overheated, the hair dryer shuts off before it cools down. Automatic shutdown at overheating prolongs the life of the hair dryer and ensures the safety of its use. It costs only 380 Dollars for this feminine and handy hair dryer!

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