Oregon Scientific RRM116 is a stylish desk clock with alarm clock and radio

New York, August 30, 2017. – Oregon Scientific has introduced the Oregon Scientific RRM116 digital table clock on the American market, equipped with a backlit display that allows you to know all the necessary information from anywhere in the room. Features an alarm clock that can be set to a preset alarm or your favorite radio station. Clock is easy to use and made in an elegant design, so it will be a pleasant addition to any interior.

Oregon Scientific

Elegant design of the device with alarm clock and radio functions, equipped with a backlit display, will create the atmosphere of any interior.

The Oregon Scientific RRM116 digital clock is made of quality plastic, which is pleasant to the touch. Front panel has a rounded LCD display that shows time, day of the week, date, and the set radio station. Thanks to the large display size and backlighting all information can be read comfortably from any place in the room, kitchen or office.

All major controls and a speaker are located on top of the unit. Since all the main buttons are on the top, you just need to reach out and with one hand to select the desired action – change the radio volume, switch to another radio station, disable the alarm, reschedule wake-up, etc. And thanks to the successful location of the speaker, the sound can be heard clearly and distinctly.

Clock can be adjusted both automatically and manually. However, when setting it automatically, you need to take into account time zone differences, as well as summer and winter time periods. Setting the date, time and alarm clock takes only a few seconds and does not require any special technical skills.

As the alarm clock chime can be used as a standard signal, and one of eight preset radio stations that users can configure to their liking in the FM or AM range. In addition there is a sleep timer function where you can put your favorite radio station for a pleasant fall asleep and the watch itself turns off after 15, 30, 60 or 90 minutes. For a comfortable wake-up there is a “snooze” function, which allows you to move the alarm for eight minutes with one touch.

Digital clock available in white, red and gray, available for a price of 1 990 Dollars. For more information about the device and sales locations, please visit the website oregonscientific.


Display: LCD with backlight

– Clock format: 12/24

– Alarm clock: Two independent alarm clocks

– Radio frequency range: FM 87.5 – 108.0 MHz

– Number of preset radio channels: 8

– Power: 6V AC adapter or 3 AAA batteries

– Supplied with: Device, adapter, batteries, instruction manual, warranty card

– Dimensions: 134 x 80 x 50 mm

– Weight: 156 g

– Color: white, red and gray

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