Opti-Myst electric fireplaces: The portal to the warmest place

Electric fireplace Jeneau well deservedly can be considered a diamond in the line of fireplaces OPTI-MYST Irish brand Dimplex. It’s a godsend for the most fantastic and seemingly impossible designs. How to place a fireplace in an apartment? How to install the hearth in the interior of the restaurant or hotel and not to solve countless questions on redevelopment and not to waste time on settling problems with the fire department?


It is now possible to realize any ideas using the 3D effect of fire, both indoors and outdoors. Jeneau fireplace does not require installation of a chimney, it is extremely easy to connect, fireproof and does not emit combustion products, all you need – to connect the hearth to the power supply, take the remote control in hand, sit comfortably in a soft chair – and mystical, but at the same time, absolutely realistic flame will blaze in your apartment.

The advantage of this hearth is in the innovative Opti-Myst flame effect, which has revolutionized the concept of electric fireplaces.

Gas heaters

In the Jeneau fireplace the flames can be seen from all sides, because the basic version of the hearth comes without walls and without portal, which gives unlimited possibilities for creativity. The fireplace can stand in the middle of the room, be built into wall niches or mounted into the floor. When installing the heater in the floor surface it can be covered with any coating that lets the light through, which will create the effect of soft flames flowing underfoot.

Also the hearth can be built into the classical or HI-TECH design portal

Thermal curtains

Jeneau model is successfully used in many design projects. A Juneau electric fireplace brought a beautiful ancient portal to life with its flames at the residence of the President of the American Federation.

Gas heaters

Despite its extremely innovative appearance, it looks good even in older interiors. Juneau fireplace model is installed in one of the main historical monuments of St. Petersburg – Catherine Palace at Tsarskoye Selo, and the 21st century seamlessly merged with the 18th century.

Europe and America also appreciated the benefits and opportunities of this fireplace – the world-famous network of luxury real estate TRUMP offers apartments in the primary market with a built-in electric fireplace model Juneau.

A variety of options for installing an electric fireplace Jeneau and ease of installation will allow any design fantasy come true.

Oil-filled radiators

The new model of Chelsea portal for electric fireplaces of Opti-Myst line is designed in neo-classical style and comes in two colors – white oak and dark oak, which allows you to install the fireplace almost in any interior. On the sides of the portal, columns with decorative elements in the upper and lower parts and flutes are carved, which exquisitely frame the hearth.

Chelsea portal can be bought separately or together with any classic fireplace of Opti-Myst series.

The undisputed advantage of Opti-Myst electric fireplaces is the 3D effect of live flames, which is almost indistinguishable from a real fire, but at the same time is absolutely fire-safe and environmentally friendly, since to maintain the flame is the usual water in a special tank.


In the line of Dimplex fireplace portals a new model – Albany Suite Black appeared. Based on the harmonious English design of already popular model Dimplex Albany Suite and made in noble black color.

The portal can be equipped with the Albany Opti-Myst hearth. Like all models of the Opti-Myst series, the Albany also makes use of the “living” flame effect. Albany Suite Black fireplace complex can work both in heating and decorative without heat supply, so it can be used at any time of the year.

Bright glow of firewood in the hearth and stylish and modern portal help to create a comfortable sitting area in any place where the Albany Suite Black fireplace is installed.

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    I would like to know more about the Opti-Myst electric fireplaces. Are they as realistic as they claim to be? How do the “flames” work in creating a warm and cozy atmosphere?

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