On the subject of choosing the right printing printers

Techport online store has published recommendations for choosing professional office equipment for printing. By using these tips, the customers will be able to clearly define the necessary functionality of the purchased device and avoid mistakes in buying. During the vacation season it is important to take care of the quality of photos that will help to capture vivid memories of the summer. And printing colorful pictures is only possible with a good printer. To make sure you don’t make the wrong choice, it’s important to understand the main features of this type of hardware, Techport experts say.

You need to know that the printing technology of a laser and inkjet printer are different from each other. And that’s the main difference which affects their price.

Ink-jet and laser printers are good for printing documents. However, photo printing requires a more delicate approach. In this case, without inkjet technology can not do.

Many buyers wonder how to choose a printer? Here you need to know that the type of laser printers include devices that work by means of static electricity. Inkjet printers, on the other hand, produce thermal inkjet and piezoelectric printing based on liquid ink. Piezoelectric printing is more popular because it makes printheads last longer. In addition, this type of printing is of higher quality.

Powder and ink cartridges, as well as a continuous ink supply system CISS are used for printing. Epson brand, which supplies printers with CISS in America, represents “Print Factory” – an innovative series of monochrome and color inkjet printers and MFPs, which use integrated ink containers instead of cartridges. Convenient design of these tanks allows you to easily, quickly and accurately refill printers. Starter set of supplies is designed for three years of continuous operation, eliminating the need for refills.

The CISS has a number of advantages, as printing costs are drastically reduced. The consumer significantly saves on maintenance of this equipment. Printing is safe for the environment and does not have a negative impact on human health, since the used ink is non-toxic.

You can learn more about this and other nuances of choice and operation in detail in the article “How to choose a printer?”At Techport.

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