No more pain: ROWENTA Soft Sensation EP5720/ EP5700 epilators

In the line of epilators ROWENTA Soft Sensation this summer came out two new models – models with Pain-Free technology. The developers promised women gentle hair removal with virtually no pain, which, by design, should be blocked as much as possible during the procedure.


ROWENTA epilators

Soft Sensation EP5720

How it works?

A special vibrating head massages your skin in super-fast movements throughout the entire hair removal procedure, sending thousands of pulses to your brain every second, suppressing pain signals. But for “pain relief” is not only the active massage system, but also an advanced epilation technology that makes everything quick and immediate “clean”: no need to go over the same area several times. 24 high-precision tweezers with massaging balls of patented shape perfectly follow all the curves of the body, providing one hundred percent contact with the surface of the skin and ensuring maximum relief of pain. With their advanced micro-contact technology, the Soft Sensation epilators fit tightly over the contours of your body and capture even the shortest hairs 0,5 mm , allowing you to epilate less often.

For taking care of yourself

ROWENTA epilators

Soft Sensation EP5700

New Soft Sensation EP5720 and EP5700 have two speeds: great for beginners and for epilation of especially sensitive body parts.

What’s included?

The models come with a practical storage case and attachments: an exfoliating attachment for peeling and an attachment for ultra-comfortable epilation of delicate areas. The EP5720 with the light on the case comes with a shaving head and a bikini trimmer, in addition to the above accessories.

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