Nikon releases version 1.1.0 of the NX FIELD remote shooting system for professional photographers and agencies

Nikon announces the release of a new version 1.1.0 NX Field remote shooting systems for professional photographers, news and sports agencies. The new version adds support for full-frame mirrorless cameras such as the Z 7II, Z 6II, Z 7, and Z 6. Z 9 support will be added in future firmware updates.


With support for mirrorless cameras in version 1.1.0 You can now remotely control the silent shooting feature common to mirrorless systems. This allows remote-controlled cameras to be used where silence needs to be maintained, such as in concert halls and at chess matches. In version 1.1.0 also added support for eye and face detection AF in Nikon mirrorless cameras for more reliable focus on faces and eyes during remote shooting. Focus points throughout the frame make it easy to focus on subjects around the edges of the frame, giving you more freedom when composing it.


In version 1.1.0 NX Field also added support for interval shooting on compatible DSLRs and mirrorless cameras. If you specify a shooting interval and number of shots on the remote camera, you can shoot automatically even from a distance. You can install this software by contacting NPS nps@nikon or a Nikon branded service center, note that the service is subject to a fee. Nikon will continue to release updates to NX Field to support professional photographers in covering large-scale events.

To learn more, visit Nikon’s website >.

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