Nikon launches new Sportstar Zoom 8-24×25 and ACULON T02 binoculars

Nikon announces new Sportstar Zoom 8-24×25 and ACULON T02 binoculars. These are lightweight and compact models that will open up a whole world of detail for travelers, concert fans and sports fans.


ACULON T02 binoculars

The new binocular models are no larger than the size of a smartphone, and they weigh only 195g. You can take them with you on an evening stroll or a trip around the world. They make any music festival, sporting event or performance more entertaining wherever you are, you’ll see it all like the palm of your hand.

High-end Nikon optics and multi-coated lenses deliver bright, clear images, and the binoculars are easy to adjust with the conveniently located focus ring. Its comfortable twist-out eyecups let you position the eyepieces perfectly for comfortable viewing – with or without eyeglasses.

ACULON T02 binoculars are available in four stylish modern colors – red, blue, white 8×21 and black 10×21. When traveling, at sporting events and concerts, ACULON T02 binoculars will be comfortable to use, look stylish and see much more.


Sportstar Zoom Binoculars 8-24×25

The Sportstar Zoom 8-24×25 binoculars feature a compact body with a knob on top for smooth 8-24x zooming. Convenient focusing ring allows you to adjust the binoculars without stopping to observe.

All lenses and prisms are laminated for outstanding clarity and the binoculars weigh only 305g. Sportstar Zoom binoculars are available in three different colors: navy blue, white and black.

This model is ideal for observing during sporting events, nature walks and outdoor activities.

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