Nikon discontinues KeyMission line of cameras

It looks like Nikon is dropping its KeyMission line of action cameras, including the KeyMission 360, which currently has “obsolete product” status on the official website, following the first series of mirrorless cameras

Nikon Japan



Nikon announced its entry into the action camera market back in January 2016 with the announcement of the KeyMission 360, which was on display at the company’s booth during CES 2016. However, its release has been delayed for a long time. In parallel, the company was developing two more models, and the entire Nikon action camera series was finally unveiled at Photokina 2016, where a large press conference was dedicated to them

The KeyMission 360 was considered the most promising, but after its release the reviews of the model were not the most impressive. Given its price, people were expecting a lot more than the newfangled camera offered. With cutting-edge technology, Nikon had every chance to capture market share by becoming one of the leading manufacturers of action cameras. But apparently it wasn’t meant to be from the beginning.

On the other hand, we can assume that the reclassification of the KeyMission 360 into obsolete models is due to the imminent arrival of a new action camera, but a similar situation is developing with the rest of the line. Nikon’s official online Nikon UK store is out of stock with the KeyMission 170, and the KeyMission 80 is listed as discontinued. The Nikon America website also announced a price reduction for the entire line of cameras, and it all looks like the final discontinuation of these products. It also looks like Nikon is simply getting rid of unpromising areas, trying to allocate more resources to develop a line of full-frame mirrorless cameras, the release of which is very close.

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