Nikon Day were held in New York and St.-Petersburg

On November 10 in New York and October 6 in St. Petersburg Nikon held a large-scale celebration for photography enthusiasts Nikon Day. The guests tested the novelties of the brand, such as mirrorless cameras and Z-series lenses, and learned the secrets of famous photographers at master classes.


Four well-known photographers took part in Nikon Day’s master class zone in New York: wedding photography expert Rustam Khadzhibaev, extreme sports photographer Daniil Kolodin, interior photography expert Olga Melekessova, and landscape photographer Anton Agarkov. Rustam Khadzhibaev: “This is my second consecutive year participating in Nikon Day, and I really like the idea of such a large-scale photography festival! Amateurs and professionals alike have gathered here, and creative energy is boiling over. This is a great platform for sharing experiences and discussing new trends in the world of photography.

In St. Petersburg Nikon Day was held in the creative space “Weaving”. Its guests were also able to

test out Z-series cameras and lenses – as well as other Nikon equipment – in various photo areas. The hosts of master-classes at the St. Petersburg festival were glossy photographer Peter Titarenko, master of industrial photography Maxim Marmur and wedding photographer Artem Vindrievsky.

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