Nikon D600 review, part 4: half hour high definition video

HD video mode has been popular with camera buffs lately. The Nikon D600 can continuously record up to 30 minutes of HD video. But most of all, the camera video mode is suitable for creating short clips according to a certain scenario from a tripod or stedicam.

SLR cameras

  • Flexible adjustment of depth of field and use of cinematic techniques for video allows for professional results.
  • Thanks to the full-size sensor, the image remains free of noise even in low light. The working sensitivity is up to 2500 ISO.
  • Shooting is done in high resolution Full HD, the most popular among video lovers.
  • The ability to change the exposure smoothly when shooting moving objects.
  • External mic and headphone connection, audio level regulation and noise filtering – everything is just like in professional camcorders.

When using long-focus optics, a large and reliable tripod is a must, because it helps reduce camera shake in the frame. And the professional ability to connect an additional microphone and headphones allows you to get rid of the sound track of the noise accompanying the operations of the camera, such as the sounds of pressing buttons, rustling lens motors, allows you to adjust the sensitivity of the microphone.

Video recording is made in the format of .MOV and to edit it, you need to use the software that comes with the camera, NikonViewNX2, or turn to known third-party converters and video editors with editing capabilities. Video quality will be determined not only by the level of filming equipment, but also by the user’s knowledge of video editing.

The best video image is obtained with short and medium focus optics in sufficient light. The large size of the sensor allows a flexible adjustment of the depth of field, to separate the plans and use the “cinematic” tricks of real “camera men” in video.

Even in twilight or semi-darkness, when the sensitivity of the sensor is up to 2500 ISO, the image comes out with low noise. Only in darkness, at the limits of 4,000 ISO and above does noise become strong and spoil the image.

For long hours of video recording, you must have enough battery power. With one fully-charged battery, I was able to record 69 short clips a few tens of seconds each for a total of 49 minutes.

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