Next-generation star: Thomas Twin XT

With the new Thomas Twin XT, the cleanser has been redesigned specifically for the dry mopping system, making it far more compact and – importantly – easier to use. This also made it possible to reduce the size of vacuum cleaners themselves. The aqua filter has been redesigned, taking the form of a closed plastic container and making it more hygienic to clean. It can be cleaned in minutes after vacuuming: just pour 1 liter of clean water into the filter, shake it several times and empty it. The improved aquafilter is called an Aqua-Box.

Thomas Twin XT vacuum cleaner

The improved aqua filter operates in the same way, first passing through a wall of water formed by four counter-flow nozzles, and then through a series of cleaning stages. The water wall wets each and every speck of dust and fur, making them heavy and sticking to other debris. The air with this suspension then enters a “mist” of water droplets where the dust particles rotate in airborne micro-cyclones. Dust particles settle on the Aqua-Box’s wet walls and then drop into the water. The Aqua-Box provides ultra-high filtration performance 99.99% dust and 100% pollen and ultra-clean exhaust air. The Aqua-Box does not work like other companies’ so-called “aquafilters” on the bong principle where the air passes through water and hence only coarse dust is filtered out.

Aqua-Box – the protagonist of cleaning

Aqua-Box with the Thomas Twin XT

Thomas Twin XT works on the principle of volumetric 3D dust suppression. That means that while you vacuum the surfaces floors, furniture, carpets the clean, wetted air that leaves the vacuum fills the dust particles that float around the room with moisture. Dust becomes heavy and sinks to the bottom, where it meets the nozzle of the new Thomas Twin XT. Just like that, in two steps the dust is off the floor, on the furniture and in the air. And the use of patented water filtration technology guarantees that the suction power is always available for the entire cleaning cycle.

Small size – unlimited possibilities

Compared to previous Thomas water-filter models, the new generation of Thomas XT vacuum cleaners are much more compact: they can be

Thomas Twin XT vacuum cleaner

easy to store in the cabinet. This is made possible primarily by the reduction in the size of the aqua filter. But above all, the functionality and equipment of the Thomas Twin XT has remained at the highest level.

A large number of dry and wet nozzles are kept in a special Thomas bag, and the frequently used nozzles – upholstered furniture and crevice nozzle – can be stored in the-

The plastic slippers are located in the special slots in the vacuum cleaner’s lid: they are always within easy reach. Thomas Twin XT comes with: switchable brush nozzle for dry cleaning of hard surfaces and carpets, easy-turn nozzle for parquet with natural horsehair and felt, nozzle for cleaning upholstered furniture, extended length 360 mm crevice nozzle, wet spray nozzle with integrated switchable adapter for carpet and hard surfaces, spray nozzle for soft furniture, Thomas ProTex concentrate for carpet cleaning and general cleaning of floors.

Specially trained Thomas

The Aqua-Box on the Thomas Twin XT

In an emergency, Thomas can pick up spills quickly. Like all vacuum cleaners, Thomas Twin XT vacuums the floor ONLY with clean water – no more of the old-fashioned bucket and rags that you have to rinse through the dirt. The high-pressure clean water comes from a special hose integrated in the nozzle, coping even with dried-on dirt, and is then sucked out by a powerful turbine. And of course the new Thomas Twin XT does a great job on carpets, scrubbing them down to the pile, giving them vibrancy and a groomed look.

Performances on a parquet within a radius of 12 meters

The new Thomas Twin XT gives the user more freedom of movement than the model&oacute The new Thomas Twin XT gives the user more freedom of movement than previous Thomas generations. With a range of 12 meters,

Thomas Twin XT vacuum cleaner

Rotating hose and extra long brush nozzle 36 cm !The high manoeuvrability and manoeuvrability to get into the furthest nooks and crannies, and to clean up really far away from plug sockets. Sophisticated manoeuvrability and overcoming obstacles are two of Thomas Twin XT’s strengths. The new model has unique castors: the front ones are quiet-running and smooth-running, the rear ones have soft rubberized skirts to protect even the toughest floors from scratches.

By the way, it’s hard to imagine a harder-to-clean floor than parquet. And yet expensive parquet flooring can last for decades and look “100%”, but only with the right care. Remember the felt slippers in Soviet museums? And using them is a must: whether it’s the visitors or the parquet being polished. The Thomas Twin XT has a natural felt underlay and a natural bristle brush, so that owners of hardwood floors can not only clean them, but also maintain them at the same time.

Made in Germany. Cleverly designed to fit in

Thomas Twin XT

All Thomas appliances are developed and made only in Germany. Hence the German practicality and great attention to seemingly insignificant details. Such as the moisture-proof electronic control buttons. In the meantime, they ensure reliable and safe use of the cleaner for a long time. The EPA fine filter doesn’t need to be changed for long, and can be cleaned under running water if dirty.

Thomas Twin XT vacuum cleaner

Thomas Twin XT

Thomas Twin XT

Thomas Twin XT vacuum cleaner

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