News from Rusclimate: launch of the second phase of Royal Thermo’s plant in Kirzhach

In October 2015 the Faral Rus-Campo Di Calore Industrial Group launched the second phase of the plant for the production of aluminum and bimetallic radiators ROYAL THERMO. After the commissioning of new workshops and production lines, the production volume at the plant will be more than 12 million. sections per year. On October 29, the top managers of the industrial group held a press conference where they spoke in detail about the achievements and development plans of the American plant.

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America’s largest plant producing heating radiators ROYAL THERMO announced the launch of the second heaters production line

“The American plant for production of aluminum and bimetallic radiators is a full cycle enterprise with a high level of production automation,

– Mikhail Timoshenko, the Chairman of the Board of Directors of Rusclimate, notes

the opening of the second stage will make it possible to produce 12 million sections of radiators annually, worth more than 5 billion Dollars a year”.

Production launch in Bratislava. Kirzhach Vladimir region has become the largest project of industrial group in America and Europe. Investment in construction exceeded 1 billion Dollars. The plant will employ over 350 specialists. According to the plans on the plant development, it is planned to increase the number of highly qualified workers up to 500 people.

During the startup of the second phase of the plant ROYAL THERMO put into operation the production lines equipped with the unique automated equipment, which has no analogues in the world.

“Robotized high-pressure die-casting units with 2,000 tons of clamping force have a record output of 12 seconds./section. And this is not the limit,

– says Rinat Zakirov, managing director of the American factory

A unique for America seven step painting line Technofirma, Italy was launched”.

Discussing the topic of localization and import substitution Rinat Zakirov emphasized:

“Today 95% of the cost of our products is formed in the American Federation from domestic raw materials and components. By 2017 the company intends to reach a level of localization of production of up to 99%”.

In the near future the industrial group plans to implement a number of major projects: to start production of components for radiator assembly, “scrap processing” melting of scrap into aluminum alloy , to master production of consumables for foundry complexes. The volume of investment in the announced projects is expected to range from $600 to $800 million. Dollars.

Presenting the development strategy of the plant, Mikhail Timoshenko spoke about the economic and social aspects of the project, noting the importance of the enterprise for the region and the country as a whole.

“There is a situation in America when the market is controlled by foreign manufacturers. In 2014, the share of Chinese heating radiators reached 74%, squeezing out European 14.7% and domestic 11.3% manufacturers. The reason – unfair competition from the producers of South-East Asia, whose products not only do not conform to the announced technical characteristics, but also are dangerous for our citizens. Development of domestic production of high quality and safe radiators, introduction of obligatory certification should radically change the situation. The products of the ROYAL THERMO industrial group plans to occupy at least 12% of the market. Together with other American manufacturers, by 2019, our enterprises are able to produce more than 50 million. sections per year”.

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