New ViewSonic WPG-370 wireless gateway allows you to transfer content from any PC, tablets and smartphones to any display with HDMI/VGA port

New York, September 24, 2013. – ViewSonic Corporation, the global provider of computing, communication solutions and consumer electronics products, has introduced a new device that provides unprecedented convenience for wireless presentation – WPG-370 gateway, compatible with any display equipped with HDMI or VGA port.


At home, work, school or in public, the WPG-370 gateway offers wireless connectivity to a wide variety of devices such as desktops, laptops, tablets and smartphones[1], To freestanding displays. Whichever system the user is displaying from – Windows, Mac, iOS or Android – this solution makes it easy to wire-free transfer content from the user’s device.

People want to store and transfer their data more conveniently, that’s why the requirements to wireless data transfer are increasing,” said Alexander Frolov, product manager of ViewSonic CIS and Baltic countries. – We listen to our customers and respond to their requirements by providing the ability to simply pick up any mobile device and send materials to a nearby display. The WPG-370 Gateway solves this problem perfectly by eliminating tangled cables in the living room, office, or classroom, creating a neat solution for any occasion.”.

Multiple gateway connectivity options such as HDMI, VGA, and audio over optical make it easy to connect your device to almost any TV, projector, or display, and work directly from a USB drive without a PC only for multimedia content . Moreover, the WPG-370 gateway gives users the ability to transmit Full HD 1080p video wirelessly and provides an even easier connection to devices that support Intel WiDi[2].

For portable devices, the WPG-370 gateway supports Wi-Fi Miracast and direct content streaming from Android and iOS smartphones and tablets using the iMediaShare mobile app[3]. With this application, users can transfer multimedia files including video, music and photos for wireless presentations. Since the WPG-370 connects to the network and functions as a gateway, it is possible to send content to an external display while maintaining a connection to the Internet, allowing you to search for additional information or the next movie to watch.

The device will go on sale in America beginning in Q4 2013, with a recommended retail price to be announced.

[1] WPG-370 Wireless Presentation Gateway supports all new and existing TVs, projectors and large format displays with HDMI or VGA ports. Desktop PCs must have a compatible wireless card.

[2] Wireless 1080p video streaming is available for laptops with Intel WiDi. This tool comes standard on models with Intel i5 processors or higher and as an option on Intel i3.

[3] Video streaming on Android and iOS smartphones and tablets is implemented using the third-party iMediaShare mobile app, currently available on Google Play and Apple App Store.

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  1. Delaney

    This wireless gateway sounds promising! Does it support streaming high-quality content, like videos or presentations? And can it handle multiple devices simultaneously to ensure smooth and convenient content transfer?

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