New Viessmann boiler reduces energy costs for hot water

Viessmann, a leader in heating innovation, launches the new Vitocell 300-V vertical water heater. The boiler capacity ranges from 130 to 500 litres, making it suitable for any type of home, both low- and high-consumption. The boiler can be heated not only with a boiler but also with electrical heaters. So, in case of failure or shutdown of the boiler the heater will function in a completely autonomous mode, which is very convenient.


The insulation layer is absolutely harmless to health, as it is biologically neutral and does not emit any toxic substances. The system of heat preservation, consisting of a vacuum panel and a layer of rigid polyurethane foam ensures the stability of the temperature of already heated water. That means lower energy costs. In accordance with European standards, the device is assigned a class denoting the lowest level of energy consumption – class “A”.

The unit’s special stainless steel finish ensures sanitary and hygienic safety. Suitable for technical as well as food purposes. The high level of corrosion resistance of the device allows you to do without the use of magnesium anode, which is usually installed inside the tank water heaters with enamel coating, so that the walls of the boiler is not exposed to corrosive effects. The Vitocell-300-V does not need any additional corrosion protection. And that saves money and time for part replacement.

When working with a boiler rapid and even water heating up to a maximum of 95C0 is achieved by using a spiral heat exchanger circuit, which occupies half of the inner tank and, importantly, reaches the bottom of the device. This construction of the coil heats the water well, not only from above, but also at depth. The result: you can wash the shower or wash the dishes without worrying about the water getting cold.

To increase the volume of DHW, Viessmann engineers made it possible to connect several Vitocell-300-V units into a single heating system. It makes life in a private home even more comfortable. Hot water will not run out even if all drawing points are switched on at the same time.

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