New trends in the kitchen: merge and open easily…

One of the new market trends is to hide, disguise or make invisible appliances. The idea of hiding the hood in the table is becoming more and more popular. For only a few years this idea was unique in its own way, but such hoods could never really catch the consumer’s eye the AEG FM 2500 DDA, for example, was withdrawn from sale . Now the models of this type began to enter the catalogs of companies.

A hood that hides in the table

A hood that hides in the table

The entire hood is concealed in the kitchen drawer, with only a 10-15 cm wide overlay on the worktop. When switching on, the slot on this overlay opens and a unit comes out of it, through which the air is sucked KitchenAid KCDD 9010, DeDietrich DHD 7000 90 IX, Elica Adagio IX, Best Lift FPX XS 60 .

But this process looks extremely aesthetic, for example, the suction surface of the model Luxair LA-90-DWN-BG-SS is covered by matte black glass and the air escapes through the slots on the perimeter. The Gaggenau VL 430/431 and Gutmann Mesa hoods are even simpler: when working, they simply open the louvers, and the motor power is enough to catch vapors from the dominoes standing nearby.

Models that are recessed into the ceiling are no less interesting. The user from below observes only a neat panel, often with lighting. So, for example, the hoods Caple CE1105 and Elica Up look more like a recessed ceiling lamp. The Best Enigma looks like a simple round recess in the ceiling, but when you look at the Phobos it looks like an upside-down crater.

Concealed hoods are designed primarily for installation above an island, leaving the space above it completely free.

Other hoods try to appear as familiar objects, and the leaders among them are lamps. We’ve written about these models many times before, but now there are more. The most curious ones are really hard to mistake for an extractor hood.

The Sirius SILT21 models are mounted on the ceiling with brackets, very similar to those used for table lamps. Elica Shell is made with a reference to the style of the 60s, and Falmec offers a whole collection of “lampshades” – from the classic pleated to the Japanese lantern.

The Berbel Bal 150 and Falmec Ghost hoods look like neat cabinets hanging on the wall for storing small items.


Wine cabinet? Out of sight

Other appliances are less prone to mimicry, but not quite indifferent to it. Ovens are getting a new lease on life on the table. These are so-called elevator ovens: their chamber is installed inside a drawer, but the ceiling and the frame with the tray rails attached to it are lifted through the upper part.

When closed, only the control unit and the top plate are visible, for example, CapleSense C5100 and Kaiser EH 6000 LIFT Glass have a black glass hood, while Fulgor CPLO 6013 TC XX and Kleenmaid OMFE6010 have a polished steel hood.

Caple brand offers another solution from the same area – a compact wine cabinet Wi153 Slimline, which looks like a small kitchen box. The wine cabinet is placed in the cabinet, the door is not hinged, but compartmentalized, and the width of the appliance is only 145 mm, it can comfortably hold 7 bottles of wine.

Built-in fridges

And music is played to hide your true face

Sometimes the idea of hiding the true face of appliances comes from the desire to create a harmonious ensemble in the kitchen.

New media products have even started to appear, such as the Harman Kardon Maestrokitchen 100 music center, which is fitted along with built-in kitchen appliances and is of a standard size , and when switched off appears to be just a nice little extra on top.

Built-in refrigerators

Everything is visible and no one is ashamed of it

Designers who develop refrigerators suggest not hiding the appliances but making them, or more precisely, the contents of the shelves, more visible. So, the new refrigerator s.The Home by Changhong manufacturer opens the view of its shelves to everyone.

The front of the appliance is covered by frosted glass, which becomes transparent when a person approaches. A similar idea was used by the developers of the DeDietrich OnOf fridge – its door becomes transparent when the lighting is on – no need to open it.


Cool Ipad and total badassery

The door of InMyFridge refrigerators can also become transparent. But more interestingly, it’s capable of transforming into a large touchscreen display, controlled by the user’s touch.

On the display you can see information about availability, quantity and expiration date. You can turn it into a kitchen information center: if you connect it to the Internet, you can display recipes, maps, and other interesting information on the door.

Refrigerator that looks like a tub of gel

Built-in refrigerators

There are a lot of conceptual solutions for refrigerators, which are still a long way off. For example, the Electrolux BioRobot fridge, which also flaunts the food stacked in it, doesn’t have the usual shelves and you can shove everything you need into it at will, choosing just the most appropriate spot.

And all this thanks to the fact that the insides of the device are filled with gel. Grocery bags, pots and pans simply sink into it and pull out as needed.

The other solution is much simpler: it’s made completely transparent, the very same kind of appliance that was on display at the Electronics InventionStation in Tokyo a few years ago.

Roasting and watching

Concepts of completely transparent devices can also be found among small appliances. A few years ago DeDietrich showed an appliance that combined a hob with a single heating zone and a toaster.

So it’s the toaster that gets the unrecognizable look – it looks like a stand that holds the back of the appliance. You can actually fry a couple of slices of bread in it.

Electric ovens


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