New Sony G-series lenses for full-frame cameras

Sony has introduced three new full-frame G-series lenses with E mount: 50 mm F2.5 SEL50F25G , 40 mm F2.5 SEL40F25G and 24 mm F2.8 SEL24F28G . All three lenses deliver stunning image quality and beautiful bokeh. And they’re lightweight and compact. Lenses are perfect for general amateur snapshots as well as professional portraits and landscapes. Photographers and videographers who want to get outstanding shots without burdening themselves with unnecessary kilograms of equipment will appreciate them.


“New lenses from Sony’s proven G-series let you realize the various creative tasks of the photographer and further expand the potential of full-frame cameras Alpha, – says Andrei Kurganov, Head of Marketing of photo and video equipment Sony Electronics in America and CIS countries. – The SEL50F25G, SEL40F25G and SEL24F28G lenses have high resolution and produce smooth, soft bokeh effects. Their compact size also makes for interesting subjects, no matter where the photographer is”.

Key features of new lenses

The SEL50F25G, SEL40F25G and SEL24F28G provide the image quality the G lenses are renowned for. Their optical construction uses aspherical and ED ultra-low dispersion lenses. Low dispersion elements let you achieve high detail and effectively suppress chromatic aberration, while aspherical elements offer high resolution throughout the frame, even at maximum open aperture and shallow depth of field. The new lenses let you take beautifully detailed photos with great bokeh effect.

Each of the three fix lenses has its own “specialization”: the 50mm lens is best suited for portraits, the 40mm for “snapshots” and movies of any scene and the 24mm is ideal for landscapes. The new lenses complement each other perfectly: they are high quality, easy to use and take up little space in your backpack. All lenses are ⌀68×45 mm in size, have the same filter thread diameter 49 mm and weigh almost exactly the same SEL50F25G – 174 g ., SEL40F25G – 173 g., SEL24F28G – 162 g. .



Despite the compact body, it has found room for a variety of controls: there is a focus lock button, focus mode switch, aperture ring. Focus lock button is customizable – a function can be assigned to it through the camera menu. Aperture ring provides a better sense of control and convenience than the in-camera iris controls. In addition, there is the ability to change the aperture with clicks. When shooting video, this function can be turned off with a special switch, so the iris changes quietly.

The SEL50F25G,SEL40F25G and SEL24F28G lenses have two linear motor drives, which provide fast, precise autofocus with tracking of subjects, even if they move very fast. The autofocus is also silent – important for movies. The focus can also be adjusted manually in the lenses, and all lenses have a Linear Response MF Linear Response MF focusing ring which reacts precisely and linearly to rotation and allows fine adjustments of the focus.

All lenses body is made of aluminium and protected against dust and moisture, allowing shooting outdoors in adverse weather conditions.

Price and affordability

These novelties will be on sale in America in June 2021 at authorized Sony dealers. Price to be announced.

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