New quality records: Candy Grand Evo washing machines

Candy Hoover Group follows the changing preferences of customers and launches the new Grand Evo washing machine with a depth of only 44 cm and a load capacity of up to 8 kg. There are times when you don’t have to put laundry away for the next wash, sort coloureds and whites, and think about faded fabrics.

EVO44 1284LW-07

Grand Evo washing machines are equipped with the innovative Mix Power System. This unique system allows to wash your clothes at the lowest temperature of 20°C with the same results as at 40°C. At this temperature, clothes of different colors and fabrics washed together will retain their color and colors will not fade, no matter how many washes. And even the most delicate fabrics remain undamaged.

How the Mix Power System works? It creates a concentrated detergent mix, dissolving 100% of the detergent and pumping it under pressure into the drum, directly onto the laundry. The mixture then penetrates evenly and intensively between the fibers of the fabric, improving the quality of washing.

Grand Evo electronic control allows easy control of washing time, energy and water consumption. You just have to choose one of the programs. Nothing will be complicated. The washing machine will tell you how much laundry to load and how much detergent to put in each programme. And you’ll be surprised to find that the machine washes things perfectly in 14 or 30 minutes.

Of course, Candy never betrays Italian style. Washing machines Grand Evo series are very concise, without sharp angles, in a pleasant color with a large loading hatch with a diameter of 35 cm, which allows you to easily load and unload the things.

Grand Evo with up to 8kg capacity are presented by two models: EVO44 1284LW-07 and EVO44 1283DW-07.

Recommended retail price from 19 990 Dollars.

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