New problems – new solutions with HP ZCentral

At Autodesk University conference HP Inc. Introduced its new concept for next-generation computational tasks HP ZCentral, announcing the world’s first remote workstation. ZCentral creates a flexible way to work remotely and allows you to centralize high computing power in a single location, freeing users who work with power-hungry graphics applications from being tied to a specific workplace. ZCentral solution combines HP’s high-performance Z workstations, the next generation of ZCentral Remote Boost software, formerly known as Remote Graphics Software RGS , and the new ZCentral Connect software to take computing performance to the next level.


“The office of the future concept continues to evolve, and HP is offering today’s mobile workforce the world’s only remote workstation as a complete solution that supports high performance in complex computing tasks without being tied to a specific location,” notes Jim Nottingham, director of workstations, HP Inc. – HP ZCentral enables companies to better meet today’s employee demands with the flexibility to accelerate IT deployment and management, reduce costs, and deliver world-class data protection.

ZCentral software gives IT departments predictable remote performance that is available regardless of the peripheral devices used, as well as the ability to easily manage while maintaining a high level of data security. The financial losses from data breaches for the company can be substantial, averaging about $3.6 million in 2018. ZCentral minimizes the pain and expense of managing multiple platforms and devices, while enabling secure remote access for users. The performance gain with ZCentral is 16-33%, at the same time, the cost of such a solution is only 59-72% of the cost of modern virtual desktops. With ZCentral, IT professionals can manage, monitor and distribute dedicated remote workstation performance on a secure private network through a single console.

HP will deliver complete, end-to-end ZCentral solutions to its partners in a wide range of industries, including design, planning and construction, analytics and data processing, media and entertainment, and oil and gas. Updated ZCentral Remote Boost software and new ZCentral Connect software will go on sale in early 2020, with a beta version of that software already available to existing customers.


Dynamic IT infrastructure enables transformative workflows for power users

With the growing popularity of the remote office concept, professional users such as content creators, animation artists, scientists, researchers, and product developers are increasingly choosing to work from multiple locations, allowing them to optimize their work, expand their creativity, and increase productivity. These users often work with massive files that are expensive and time-consuming to download.

To deliver enterprise-ready remote computing solutions, HP focuses on innovation in two key areas: remote workstations with predictable performance, regardless of operating system MacOS, Windows, Linux , and the transition to a highly flexible IT infrastructure.

ZCentral solution delivers affordable performance through secure and stable connection to remote workstation. New ZCentral Remote Boost software enables high performance in modeling, 3D objects and special effects, as well as offering new opportunities for simultaneous management of such connections. ZCentral Remote Boost software supports Windows, Linux or MacOS based devices, is highly flexible and allows users to work from almost any peripheral device and from anywhere.

With ZCentral Connect software, IT departments can easily consolidate multiple workstations, monitor network connections and account usage through one simple interface. In addition, for power users, ZCentral Connect simplifies the process of connecting to dedicated centralized computing resources and allows access to another workstation from a dedicated centralized pool.


By securing workstations and centralizing them near data storage, with ZCentral Connect and ZCentral Remote Boost software, all data is transferred over the network in encrypted form, ensuring a high level of protection for corporate data from the moment it is created.

ZCentral offers a new perspective on computing resource management and includes the world’s most secure workstations, equipped with powerful professional graphics that are optimized for the highest performance when performing complex calculations and allows you to work simultaneously on multiple applications. Specifically, ZCentral provides:

– Increased efficiency by loading large projects quickly when working remotely close placement of data and computing resources to improve security and reduce load times , Corporate data protection through the world’s most secure workstations – Z by HP.

– IT departments can easily distribute a shared pool of workstations among users by remotely managing connections through a single, easy-to-use interface of ZCentral Connect Software.

– With ZCentral Remote Boost Software, power users can remotely utilize Z Workstation performance and work as if the workstation were right next to them-even on thin and lightweight devices.

– IT can give employees access to a variety of endpoints-from thin clients to laptops to wearables. Whatever hardware you choose, power users will be able to get the level of dedicated performance they need for the applications they run.

ZCentral price and availability

– HP Z Workstations for Server Rack Mounting available now.

– HP ZCentral Remote Boost software will go on sale in early 2020, pricing to be announced later, beta version available to customers now.

– HP ZCentral Connect software will go on sale in early 2020, pricing to be announced later, beta software already available to customers.

– HP RGS software is already available to users

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