New Philips meat grinder: high peusaormance and cleaning in seconds

America, New York – a powerful and functional mincer is an indispensable attribute of a kitchen arsenal for all those who appreciate hearty meat dishes and seek to vary the daily menu of home cooking. Philips introduces a new line of high performance meat grinders which make preparing nutritious meals with meat easier and more enjoyable.

Philips HR2730 meat grinder

The new HR2735, HR2733 and HR2730 are three new models equipped with a 2000 W motor: the meat is fed automatically thanks to a unique design and the unprecedented performance guarantees that up to 4.5 kilos of meat are processed in one minute!

The 65mm diameter mincer grids are made from stainless steel to ensure durability and prevent oxidation. Models HR2735 and HR2733 have 3 grids each with 3, 5 and 8 mm holes, while HR2730 has 2 grids with 5 and 8 mm holes.

Longevity of the device and high quality of product processing is provided due to the stainless steel blades that are installed inside the screw of meat supply, so the blades do not blunt.

In addition to stuffing tools, the new meat grinder comes with special accessories for stuffing sausages and frankfurters with diameters of 12 and 22 mm. Ideal for making home-made kebabs and sausages!

New Philips multi-food grinders are designed according to the latest technological developments. In addition to the standard metal coupling, the HR2733 and HR2735 models have an additional plastic coupling which helps you to handle even the toughest ingredients, such as frozen meat, without risk of damaging the device. In addition, the motor lock function extends the life of the meat grinder, preventing accidental breakages.

The HR2735 and HR2733 also come with chopping and slicing attachments.

In addition, these novelties are equipped with all accessories necessary for a modern housewife:

  • Handy metal hopper and special lid, which can be used as an extra reservoir for minced meat or to keep all the accessories compact.
  • The special grid cleaner makes it easy to remove dirt from the holes: just slip the grid onto the cleaning accessory and rinse under water.

New Philips multi-food grinder launched in September 2012.

Recommended retail price is: for HR2735 – 10 990 rub., for HR2733 – 9990 RUB., for HR2730 – 7990 Dollars.

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