New ISOCELL Dual module from Samsung to equip budget smartphones with dual cameras.

Dual-camera modules that offer better zoom and bokeh have long been a standard feature on flagship smartphones. However, they are still much less common in cheaper “budget” devices. But that could soon change: Samsung’s image sensor development division has released a new ISOCELL Dual camera module, which is specifically designed for use in low-cost devices.


The new unit is equipped with a built-in set of software algorithms and functions and can be performed in two configurations: either for low light shooting by combining image data from two sensors, or for obtaining a bokeh effect. Samsung combines two 8-megapixel sensors for low-light settings, and the module is built with 13MP and 5MP image sensors for bokeh effects.

Samsung will use the module in its entry-level devices and also offer it to other OEMs. This will allow small companies to integrate dual camera technology into their products without having to spend large budgets on R&D and software optimization.

The first smartphones to use the new ISOCELL Dual module could appear this year

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