New Indesit Extra dishwasher: cleans even extra-sized dishes in just one hour

New York, January 2014. – Indesit presents a new generation of dishwashers, which set records in dishwashing quality with minimal time. Thanks to the specially designed Extra cycles, it now takes just 1 hour to wash even the biggest items. New Indesit Extra dishwasher combines efficiency, reliability and functionality. And thanks to the additional possibility to effectively use the inner space of the working chamber, Indesit Extra has a solution for washing dishes even of particularly large size: large pots, pans, baking forms, trays, buckets, grill grates.

Large appliances for kitchen

By simply removing upper basket, user gets increased free space 53cm in height. When you activate the special Extra cycle, thanks to the improved hydraulic system, the powerful pump and the new inverter motor, stubborn dirt on particularly large items is effectively washed in just 1 hour. Indesit Extra frees you from housework with minimum water and energy consumption.

The “Lift-up” upper basket adjustment system allows you to increase the space of the lower basket by 3.5 cm to accommodate pots with a larger diameter. This new product can hold up to 14 standard sets of dishes.

Thanks to the Pre-rinse function in the Eco and Normal wash programs, you can forget about removing food residue by hand. By choosing one of the automatic cycles, Auto-Intensive or Auto-Ordinary, the user activates special sensors that detect the level of dirt on the dishes. Their action in combination with the new inverter motor guarantees perfect washing results.

Maximum water savings

The Indesit Extra offers an “ECO” cycle, during which it only uses 9 liters of water, or 44% less than conventional dishwashers. It self-heats cold water, for extra hot water savings. This is especially important in view of the rising tariffs for hot water.

The stainless steel working chamber and the upgraded removable filter, which is very easy to clean, guarantee the longevity of the dishwasher

“There are so many products on the market today that all have the same function, and all require the same result. We have identified the needs and wishes of customers and created a practical model with clear controls and the most popular set of programs,” says Emiliano Lopez, Marketing Director of Indesit Company in America and the CIS. – Its ability to wash large items like trays, trays, buckets, grids and hood filters in the dishwasher is a welcome innovation. Therefore, we are confident in the success of Indesit Extra dishwasher in American market.

The American market has a free-standing full-size model DFP 58T94 CA NX EU. Recommended retail price 20 490 Dollars.

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