New ideas for the home from LEGRAND The company offers a range of gadgets for comfortable living

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, The global specialist for electrical and building information systems presents new items: a night light with a built-in light sensor and dimmer, a USB charger for mobile appliances and a multifunctional removable flashlight. A soft light will not disturb the sleep of the smallest members of the family, your smartphone will not be left without power, and if something unforeseen happens, you will certainly have a flashlight for emergency lighting at hand. Compact design is a distinctive feature of these appliances. They just plug into a regular socket.

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The desire to lead an active life and remain in the comfort zone is one of the distinctive features of modern man, determined by the accelerating rhythm of life and the high emotional load. This leads to an increase in the popularity of devices that create additional convenience. Reacting to our customers’ needs, Legrand Group specialists have developed a whole range of gadgets for cozy living.

Dimmable with integrated light sensor that plugs into a standard socket as if it were plugged into it. Hardly noticed during daylight hours, it automatically lights up when it gets dark, illuminating your surroundings. Smart” equipment turns off by itself without human intervention. But the manual mode is also available. Interestingly, the brightness of the backlight can be adjusted – just a light touch on the switched on light diffuser and with light sliding fingers make the flow bright or dim. This makes the new Legrand luminaire the perfect solution for a night light in a child’s room or bedroom. Available in two colors: black and white. Due to the restrained color scheme, laconic modern design and compactness, the development will fit perfectly into any interior: from strict classics to kitschy modern.

Another know-how offered by Legrand Group is a device for charging and synchronizing data for smartphones, tablet computers, camcorders, MP3/MP4-players, etc. It’s an adapter between the regular and USB sockets, and its size fits perfectly into the socket. So you can use the “clip-on” to turn a stationary outlet into a USB. Legrand’s convenient charger is useful not only at home or in the office, but also abroad, as it is compatible with all types of outlets: German, French, Italian. Moreover, thanks to its compact size, the device will find a place even in a small handbag.

And finally, a removable flashlight that can be used for emergency lighting and as a nightlight. Like its “brethren,” it also plugs into an outlet. In the event of a power outage, the flashlight automatically turns on to full brightness, avoiding traumatic situations. It can be disconnected from the socket and moved into the next room, or, for example, to light the way to the electrical panel. The device is designed for two hours of operation in standalone mode, and the battery is charged in a few minutes. A unique feature of this novelty is in the combination of two streams of light: in flashlight mode, the cold LED lights, and if the owner decides to use the device as a night light, the warm backlight will turn on. The light streams can be switched if desired, as well as the brightness of the lamp can be adjusted. Such a thing will be just indispensable in the country cottage, where quite often there are interruptions with the power supply.

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