New Gmini MagicBook Z6: clear speed advantage

New York, September 24, 2012. – Gmini company presents a device for reading e-books Gmini MagicBook Z6. Novelty is equipped with a six-inch screen with a resolution of 800×600 pixels based on E-Ink Pearl technology. The main advantage of the reader – speed achieved by an advanced chipset RK2818 from Rockchip and carefully worked out the software.

E-book Gmini MagicBook Z6

Speed and clarity

MagicBook Z6 is significantly faster than many other readers. This advantage is provided by the high-performance chipset RK2818 from Rockchip most similar devices on the market operate on the chipset RK2808 . Screen reader, made by E-Ink Pearl technology “e-ink” , is responsible for the sharpness and detail of the image, similar to an ordinary paper book.

Versatility and versatility

The reader supports all popular text formats, including such convenient and popular ones as FB2, EPUB and PDF. The MagicBook Z6 also comes with other attractive multimedia features: image viewing in JPG, GIF, PNG and BMP formats and listening to MP3 files, even while reading in the background. Main menu and installed apps are designed especially for the MagicBook line of e-book readers. The user interface and file names are russified, and the model is GOST R certified.

Comfort and usability

Convenient right- and left-handed flip buttons on both sides of the screen most readers are optimized for right-handed use only , in addition to the standard function keys and four-position joystick. Files can be stored on up to 4GB of internal memory or on external microSD cards with up to 32GB capacity. Provides miniUSB 2 port to download files from computer and charging the battery.0, and the corresponding cable is included. Standard 3.5mm audio jack lets you use any suitable headphone without adapters. Thanks to the fact that the body is made of special soft-touch plastic only in graphite , the device does not slip out of your hands. Those who like classical design can buy a reader in a plastic case of black color. And finally, another important advantage of this novelty – a stylish cover-sleeve is offered in the kit, which saves the buyer from additional costs.

E-book reader Gmini MagicBook Z6 is on sale now at a recommended retail price of 3990 Dollars.


Screen: 6″/800×600, E-Ink Pearl, 16 grayscale

Audio formats: MP3, WMA, OGG, WAV

Graphic formats: JPG, GIF, PNG, BMP

Processor: Rockchip RK2818, 600 MHz

RAM: 128 MB

Built-in memory: 4 GB 3.2 GB available for use

Memory card: microSD up to 32 GB

Interface: miniUSB 2.0 to connect to a PC

Optional: music player, image viewing

Headphone jack: 3.5 mm

Battery: 1500 mAh

Dimensions: 174x126x8mm

Weight: 215g incl. battery

Comes with: USB-cable, carrying case, quick start guide, warranty card.

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    What specific features or technology does the Gmini MagicBook Z6 possess that gives it a clear speed advantage over other devices in its category?

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