New-generation AV receivers of Pioneer VSX line support 4K 50/60 Hz video (based on HDMI 2 inteusaace).0)

AV receivers are a key focus at Pioneer. The next-generation VSX receivers concept combines the latest technology with high power, economy and ease of use. Designed to be the center of all home entertainment, the new AV receivers raise the bar for quality audio and video reproduction.


Pioneer VSX-924

Melzele, Belgium May 5, 2014. – Pioneer is proud to introduce the new VSX line of receivers. Products offer 4K 50/60Hz video support. Flagship 7.The 2-channel VSX-924 boasts seven 150-watt amplifier channels and two subwoofer outputs.

By comparison, the VSX-824 and VSX-524 are 5.Two-channel, five 130 watt amplifier channels and two subwoofer outputs.

The VSX-424 features a 5×130 watt amplifier and one subwoofer output. Entry-level VSX-329 has five 105-watt amplifier channels.

State-of-the-art connectivity

Supports 4K 50/60 Hz – Equipped with the latest HDMI 2.0 interface, all new VSX family models are ready for 4K Ultra HD 50/60Hz 2160p video, which has four times the resolution of a Full HD 1080p signal. HDMI 2 interface.0 has backward compatibility with earlier versions of HDMI.

Supports AirPlay, MHL, HTC Connect, Bluetooth, and DLNA – VSX-529 and above are compatible with Apple AirPlay. They also feature MHL for Android devices and HTC Connect.

AV receiver

Pioneer VSX-924

VSX-924 and VSX-824 have a built-in Bluetooth module aptX codec support for wireless streaming of audio files. The VSX-529 is equipped with a connector for the external Bluetooth-adapter optional AS-BT200 module is required .

In any case, the new VSX series AV receivers are easy to pair with the latest models of tablets and smartphones. All three AV network receivers are DLNA certified and also compatible with optional wireless LAN converter.

All for working with the latest audio and video sources

4K Ultra HD 50/60 Hz compatibility – All new VSX series receivers pass up to 4K Ultra HD 60p video signals from source to compatible TV or projector without a problem. Models starting from VSX-529 are working even with 24-bit 4:4:4 video signals. The VSX-924 is capable of raising the resolution of regular video up to 4K Ultra HD 60p.

Spotify and vTuner – Models starting with the VSX-529 offer access to the vTuner Internet service, and therefore to tens of thousands of free radio stations. The VSX-924, VSX-824 and VSX-529 allow you to connect to the popular music service Spotify Connect*.

AV receiver




Even cleaner sound

MCACC Autocalibration System – All new VSX line AV receivers except for the budget model VSX-329 feature a highly effective MCACC Multi-Channel Acoustic Calibration Room EQ system which automatically adjusts for speaker specifics differences in size, sensitivity and listening distance and equalizes frequency response and makes sure the phase of the signal reaching the listener remains the same.

The result is a greatly improved overall system, with much cleaner, crisper bass and more dynamic sound. The VSX-924 also features a new Subwoofer EQ function that lets you manually change the parameters of the signal that goes to the subwoofer, the so-called LFE low frequency effects channel.e. Low Frequency Effects from the receiver menu.

Two subwoofer outputs – By adding a second subwoofer to your system, you can significantly expand the range of playback frequencies when listening to both music and movie soundtrack. That’s why all new receivers except for the VSX-329 and VSX-424 have two subwoofer outputs.


AV receiver

Pioneer VSX-824

High-end ESS SABRE Premier Audio DAC – The VSX-924 Series flagship is equipped with ESS SABRE Premier Audio 24-bit/192kHz , a first-class digital-to-analog converter capable of unlocking the potential of any digital file. It has an extremely high signal to noise ratio up to 120 dB and much lower jitter than a conventional DAC.

Playback of high definition audio – multi-channel and stereo – The VSX-924, VSX-824 and VSX-529 models play high-resolution files including AIFF, WAV, FLAC and Apple Lossless in addition to MP3, WMA and AAC via USB or network. The VSX-924 even plays DSD stream and multichannel FLAC/WAV 24/192 5.0 i 5.1.

User’s life gets easier

Built-in AVNavigator VSX-924 – This smart and comprehensive, yet easy-to-use and fully interactive, guide to installing and operating your receiver makes it easy to install and use. Since the appropriate software is stored directly in the receiver, you can access it using a web browser without having to install any new software.

iControlAV5 – Pioneer’s proprietary iControlAV5 app makes it easy to wirelessly control many functions and parameters of the new VSX series receivers, starting with the VSX-529. Application available for free download from

Or from the App Store on iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. Similar app for Android devices can be downloaded from Google




The new VSX line receivers are expected to arrive in June 2014.



* Requires Spotify app installed on mobile digital device and Spotify Premium subscription. For the app and subscription, as well as information about service availability in your country, visit More on

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