New full frame E mount lenses for Sony α cameras

Serious photographers can now get even more creative with four of the latest full-frame α lenses with E mount for Sony’s famous family of mirrorless cameras. From emotional portraits, sweeping landscapes and exquisite macro shots, to fast-moving action, travel or everyday shoots, the extended range of E lenses is suitable for all kinds of shooting situations. This quartet of high-end lenses is complemented by four converters, two of which are full-frame, making it easy to capture expressive ultra-wide-angle shots and fisheye lens accentuated perspective.

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There are even more choices: the Sony α family of E-lenses now includes four all-new full-frame lenses, plus two full-frame converters

– Full-frame wide-angle lens Zeiss® Distagon T* FE 35mm F1.4 ZA SEL35F14Z

– Full Frame Medium Telephoto/Macro G Lens FE 90mm F2.8 Macro G OSS SEL90M28G

– Full-frame 10x zoom lens FE 24-240 mm F3.5-6.3 OSS SEL24240

– The full-frame wide-angle lens with fixed focal length FE 28 mm F2 SEL28F20

– Specialized fisheye converter SEL057FEC and ultra-wide angle converter SEL075UWC for the full-frame SEL28F20 lens

– Ultra-wide-angle and fisheye converter VCL-ECU2/VCL-ECF2 APS-C

Distagon T* FE 35mm F1.4 ZA Full Frame Wide Angle Lens SEL35F14Z

This full-frame wide-angle fixed focal length lens showcases the legendary optical performance of ZEISS® lenses. It’s the perfect choice for uncompromising professionals and enthusiasts who want to shoot superb portraits, snapshots and night scenes.

With a minimum focus distance of only 0.3m, the SEL35F14Z is the first E-type lens with a maximum aperture of F1.4: perfect for super smooth bokeh defocusing with the 9-blade circular aperture.

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Stunning sharpness throughout the frame – even at maximum aperture, thanks to an advanced optical design incorporating aspherical elements, including one advanced aspherical element Sony AA . Peerless optical performance is also guaranteed with the ZEISS® T* coating, which suppresses glare and stray images for natural color reproduction and excellent image contrast.

In both stills and movies, the Direct Drive SSM DDSSM autofocus system provides practically silent precision focusing, even with a shallow depth of field. The dedicated aperture ring can be rotated smoothly – ideal when shooting video – or in steps with a click when the next value is reached, allowing you to control aperture change to the touch when shooting stills. Dust and Moisture resistant lens barrel design ensures reliable outdoor photography.

Medium telephoto/macro FE 90mm F2.8 Macro G OSS lens SEL90M28G

Designed for spectacular close-ups and portraits, the SEL90M28G offers an impressive combination of sharp definition and exceptional smooth bokeh thanks to the precision control of spherical aberration that is a hallmark of all G Lens. This mid telephoto/macro lens, the first in the E-lens family, has built-in Optical SteadyShot OSS for ultra-sharp shots at up to 1:1 magnification, even when shooting handheld.


A silent, smooth Direct Drive SSM DDSSM mechanism independently drives two floating groups of elements for the extremely high precision focusing required in macro photography.

Internal focusing keeps overall lens length constant, a big advantage when you’re shooting macro shots with the lens centimeter away from the subject. There is also a focus lock button and a sliding focus ring that allows you to instantly switch from auto focus to manual focus and back[i]. Dust and moisture protection ensures reliable close-up shots of insects, shots with lots of fine detail and outdoor shots in the rain.

Full-frame zoom lens FE 24-240 mm F3.5-6.3 OSS SEL24240

One lens and virtually limitless possibilities: The SEL24240 captures everything from paeans and snapshots to sports and exciting events. The huge 24-240mm 10x zoom range makes this full-frame zoom lens the perfect travel companion, covering the full range of focal lengths from wide-angle to telephoto without the need for additional lenses.

This highly refined lens has five aspherical elements and one ED glass element for superior optical performance in a compact, easy-to-use body. The demands of serious photographers are met by an advanced linear motor that brings the focus mechanism into focus almost instantaneously, over the entire zoom range.

Photographic equipment

Built-in Optical SteadyShot OSS is a welcome addition for handheld shooting in the telephoto range, as well as slower shutter speeds in low light conditions. As with all new FE full-frame lenses, the SEL242240’s design offers protection from dust and moisture.

The full-frame wide-angle, fixed focal length FE 28mm F2 lens SEL28F20

The ideal second lens in every photographer’s basic kit of lenses. This full-frame, bright 28mm fixed wide-angle has a maximum aperture of F2.0 – ideal for handheld photography in low light.

Lightweight, compact and structurally dust and waterproof, this lens is the perfect size match for the full frame Sony α7 series, and its high-quality aluminum finish catches the eye immediately.A 9-blade circular aperture, three aspherical elements including one AA element advanced aspherical , and two ED glass elements ensure excellent sharpness throughout the frame and beautiful smooth defocusing. All lens surfaces are multi-coated to suppress glare and stray images when shooting backlit images.

Photo Lenses

Internal focus mechanism is driven by an advanced linear motor drive that delivers near-silent autofocusing, while the total length of the lens does not change during focusing.

To further extend perspective, the optional SEL075UWC Ultra Wide Conversion Lens and Fisheye Converter SEL057FEC extend the lens angle of view to 21mm or 16mm with a full 180° coverage, respectively[ii]. The maximum aperture for these converters when attached to a SEL28F20 lens is F2.8 and F3.5, respectively. For the first time for converters, the corresponding EXIF data is generated when they are mounted on the lens.

The SEL28F20 lens and SEL075UWC and SEL057FEC converters are available separately. Photographers are also offered two kits that include the SEL28F20 lens and respectively one of the SEL075UWC or SEL057FEC nozzles.

VCL-ECU2 ultra wide-angle converter and VCL-ECF2 fisheye converter for APS-C

No need for compromised optics when shooting at very wide angles or in curved fisheye.

The VCL-ECU2 is compatible with the SEL16F28 16mm F2.8 and SEL20F28 20mm F2.8 APS-C wide-angle lenses. It increases the angle of view to 12mm with the SEL16F28 or 16mm with the SEL20F28 . The VCL-ECF2 fisheye converter creates a distorted perspective with a full 180 degrees for the SEL16F28, and 133 degrees for the SEl20F28. Both have an elegant new black finish.

Photo equipment

Software upgrade for E lens

Modules are now available to upgrade selected E-lenses for enhanced functionality. Software upgrade modules for the new FE lenses presented here will be released at the end of March. Find out more at the Sony website.

The SEL35F14Z, SEL90M28G, SEL24240 and SEL28F20 lenses with E mount, plus SEL075UWC, SEL057FEC, VCL-ECU2 and VCL-ECF2 converters are available for pre-order now at Sony Store Online sony/store

Key technical specifications





35 mm equivalent focal length when mounted on a camera with APS-C sensor





Max. magnification factor x




AF = 0.13x

RF = 0.16x

Min. focus distance



0.5m W – 0.8m T

AF = 29cm

RF = 25cm

Diam. filter

72 mm

62 mm

72 mm

49 mm


(DIAM. x Length

78.5 x 112mm

79 x 130.5 mm

80.5 x 118.5mm

64 x 60mm

Weight approx.  







Front cover-

Ca φ72mm , back cover, hood, carrying case

Front cover-

Ka φ62mm , back cover, hood, case

Front cover-

camera φ72mm , back cover, hood

Front Cover-

φ49mm , back cover, hood






Indicative price





Estimated time of availability

Started April 2015

Early July 2015

Early March 2015

Start of April 2015


[i] For more information on the compatibility of specific camera bodies with focus locking and other features, please visit the Sony website.

[ii] When mounted on a camera with an APS-C sensor, the focal length at converters SEL075UWC is 31.5 mm and the Converter SEL057FEC 24mm with 105° diagonal angle .

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