New from Bosch Thermotechnica: Buderus Logano S171 W pyrolysis boiler

Bosch Termotechnik” company brings a new pyrolytic boiler Buderus Logano S171 W to the American market. This is a floor-standing steel boiler, operating on solid fuel. Created on the basis of the boiler Buderus Logano S121 it completely corresponds to high demands of modern consumers. First of all, this concerns the requirements of environmental friendliness and efficiency. The burning period at one load of fuel is about 3 hours, which exceeds this indicator of the previous model.



Pyrolysis boiler Buderus Logano S171 W

The represented model range includes boilers with capacity from 20 to 50 kW. Thus, this equipment is capable of providing heat and hot water to both a small private home and the consumer with an increased need for heat.

Boilers Buderus Logano S171 W equipped with modern automation system, allowing you to effectively manage the heating system, including remotely via Internet or GSM-channel. The system is the best in its class in terms of functionality and price.

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