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A new version of Astell&Kern flagship Hi-Fi player – AK380 Stainless Steel, made of stainless steel – is expected to hit the market. It is not known yet how the novelty will be sold in America – separately or as part of the AK380 Stainless Steel Package, consisting of a portable turntable, specially designed for it amplifier AMP SS also steel and a protective case for open carrying the bundle.

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Astell&Kern AK380 Stainless Steel audio player

The big difference between this player and previous versions is the stainless steel casing. Steel, in fact, is a pure perfect metal that requires no additional processing, no corrosion. It’s virtually impossible to damage and easy to repair with polishing. For example, stainless steel is used for premium watches – only expensive models due to the extremely complex processing methods and their high cost, if compared with the processing of aluminum and various metal alloys .

Atell&Kern only uses the best materials for its products, staying true to its design philosophy: preserving the unique beauty and pristine nature of the original material without subjecting it to unnecessary processing. True to his principles, the Korean manufacturer has created a unique in sound, extra strong, but at the same time incredibly elegant, the most recent version to date AK380 with a stainless steel housing!

The whole symphony orchestra is hidden in this compact stylish player, and thanks to the steel case the sound became even richer, brighter and more versatile.

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