New era of ultrasonic humidifiers

The product line of the Swiss brand BONECO enriched with a new ultrasonic humidifier BONECO U300 with a unique technology of vertical water inlet



Most humidifiers on the market, the filling of water requires a number of manipulations: removing the tank, opening the lid with a filter, going to the source of water and back installation of the tank in the device. BONECO U300 innovation is a completely new approach to humidification.

The water is poured directly into the unit: just open the top lid and pour the desired amount of water from a watering can or jug. No more risk of spilling water or dropping the tank, damaging it. Thanks to the 5 liter capacity tank, the duration of intensive humidifying is more than 12 hours.


Until recently, no manufacturer has succeeded in reproducing the upward-filling technology without loss of humidifying capacity. At an average of 300 milligrams per hour required, the units do not exceed 200 milligrams per hour. At the same time humidifiers were noisy and not suitable for use at night.

The BONECO U300 is capable of producing 400 milligrams of water vapor per hour and serving an area of up to 60 square meters. Reinforced titanium nitride titanium nitride sputtering gold membrane with a thickness of up to 3 microns is highly resistant to wear and damage.


Soft blue illumination around the control button during operation. When the water level reaches a minimum, the BONECO U300 automatically turns off and the backlight on the control button turns from blue to red. The unit will restart immediately when the tank is filled with water. Humidifying intensity can be adjusted with a mechanical switch. Operates extremely quiet even at maximum humidifying speed and is ideal for children’s rooms and bedrooms.

Climate Technology

BONECO U300 is equipped with a softening cartridge with ion-exchange resin and antibacterial silver ISS rod, which disinfects water and prevents “blooming. For aromatherapy lovers a special container for aromatic oils.

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