New Epson Printing Workstations: with two-sided printing and in A3+ format

Epson introduced new Epson Printing Factory models L605 and L1455 designed for small business and home offices. Their main difference from the previous generation devices is the appearance of automatic two-sided printing. Printing on both sides of the sheet reduces paper consumption and helps reduce operating costs.


Epson L1455 MFPs

Epson L605 and Epson L1455 are four-color multifunctional devices printer-scanner-copier, and the 1455 has a fax machine as well , representatives of the economical “Epson Printing Factory” series with built-in ink tanks instead of cartridges. These MFPs are specially designed for high volume printing: the volume of ink containers supplied for this series is 10 times greater than the capacity of standard cartridges1. At the same time the cost of containers is 2,5 times less than cartridges2.

Moreover, starting package includes two sets of Epson ink containers. So by purchasing this product, you get two containers of each color cyan, magenta, yellow, black at a time. A starter ink set is enough to print up to 10,500 pages on the Epson L1455 and up to 11,000 pages on the L605.

Computers and peripherals

Epson L605 MFP

However, these models are attractive for business not only from the economic point of view. They are reliable and easy to use. The combination of the time-proved Epson Micro Piezo printing technology and the unique cartridgeless Epson printing system guarantees accurate and permanent prints on any media. Graphics and images are vivid thanks to water-soluble color inks.

Black pigmented inks are used to print clear text. The pigment dries quickly, does not bleed when exposed to water, and does not smear when highlighted with a marker. Print speed is also optimized for business users at 13.7 ppm./min Epson L605 and 18 ppm Epson L605 ./min Epson L1455 . The official warranty for the Epson L605 and L1455 MFPs is 1 year or 50,000 pages .


Ilya Khokhlov, Inkjet Devices Manager at Epson New York Representative Office“According to internal research on the small business market, users of cartridgeless printers have developed a need for double-sided printing of both A4- and A3-sized documents. Epson responded promptly to this request by adding the corresponding devices to its wide line of “Epson Printing Factory” devices”.

Key Features



Large built-in ink tanks

Printing, copying, scanning, two-sided printing

+Fax +A3

30-sheet ADF

Epson Micro Piezo piezo printing technology

Manufacturer’s warranty: 1 year or 50,000 pages

Black pigment ink

Print Speed4

13.7 ppm

18 ppm

Connectivity via Wi-Fi, Wi-Fi Direct, Ethernet

Number of pages printed with ink included3



Set of 4 ink containers 3 color and 1 black

2 Piece.

2 pack.

● 1200dpi scanner

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